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Instagram 24 Names 24 Motives Challenge Question and Template

The Covid-19 lockdown period was very boring for everyone because there was nothing to do in that period and it is getting quite tough to spend the whole day without doing anything. At that time, many peoples have spent their time playing Trivia games and many peoples are quite active on Instagram playing different challenges.

Yes, today we will talk about the most trending thing on Instagram, which had left a different impression on peoples and many peoples are trying on their Instagram stories. That trending thing is 24 Names 24 Motives Challenge and Questions. We know that it is quite a confusing thing for many newcomers. But don’t worry, we are providing you the complete information about this trend.

What is 24 Names 24 Motive Challenge on Instagram?

In this challenge, a user will post 24 different names on their Instagram story, which are based on some motive. You have to put the names as per the predefined questions but you don’t have to tell this thing to your friends otherwise, the challenge and the suspense will get spoil.

You just have to make questions and have to post just the names as per the questions with proper serial so that it can get exactly as you want. Then the users will ask you that why you have put their name in this random number list or they will ask about the motive of this work. But you will tell them if they take a part in this challenge. Only then you will tell them about the motive of putting their name on the list. So let us know about how to play this challenge.

How to play 24 names 24 motive challenge?

So if you got this type of post in someone’s story and found your name on this list then you can start this challenge. You need to ask the person who posted your name that what is the motive and can ask about the questions.

The only condition is that you have to take all these questions and post the answers on your story. Only then you will get the questions to list from the other person. You just have to tag the person in the list to the relevant number and when someone else asks the motive for their name then they have to follow the same process that you have already followed.

24 Names 24 Motive Challenge Template

It is quite necessary to get the best template and design when you get your name in someone’s post and you are ready to do the challenge. Now you have to make a custom template by creating it and then you have to save it on your phone. Then you have to start editing the template by putting attractive colors in it and add the numbers with attractive designs and colors.

Users can edit the ratio, font, and heading to provide a unique and attractive look to the template. Just after completing the process of editing your template, you have to fill in all the answers to that predefined questions and fill in it to that template.

Remember, that you don’t have to post the questions in your story otherwise, the suspense will get spoil. You have to provide questions personally to only those people who are interested in taking part in this challenge.

A good template is quite necessary to make the most attractive and still, many people are unknown about this trending challenge. So you will get an amazing response to your story, as it will be quite a different and amazing thing for them. So always keep in mind that a user will take part only when they got something attractive in your story.

Instagram 24 Names 24 Motives Challenge

24 Names 24 Motives


So this is all about the trending challenge of Instagram 24 Names 24 Motive, there is a huge craze that we have seen in the past months of this challenge. We have provided the whole information and the best questions that you can post it on your story to get some amazing response from your friends and relatives. For any queries, you can ask us in the comment section.

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