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5 Sites Like Rabb.it (Alternatives) to Watch Videos In 2021

Rabb.it was a famous platform where we can watch our favorite videos with our friends and relatives without sitting together. This was an amazing platform for all the users but due to some reasons Rabb.it was shut down and acquired by Kast. No investors want to invest in it. That’s why today in this article, we will tell you the best Rabb.it alternatives.

Rabb.it Alternatives

Here are the best Rabb.it Alternatives –

# Tutturu

Tutturu is also a shared browsing service just like Rabb.it, where users can create a room, start browsing their favorite content, and invite friends for watching together.

Users can also do text chat and audio chat on this platform, this platform is free to use. But users need to wait for the line, if you want to skip the line then you need to pay a charge of $5 monthly. It is just like a subscription plan.

# Watch2gether

Watch2gether is also a perfect alternative of Rabb.it. Here users don’t need to do sign up for using their services.

Users can create a chat room, can invite their friends, and start streaming content on the platform. Users can watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, and Dailymotion. They can also listen to music together on Soundcloud. This platform is free to use, but here, users are not allowed to stream content of third-party apps like Netflix or Hulu. Still, there is a huge library for watching videos.

# Kosmi

Kosmi allows the users to share the screen with their friends. On this platform, a user can create a room easily without doing any type of registration. Here, users can watch Netflix, local files, and YouTube videos together without any issues.

Users can also play games like Quake 3, play cards on a virtual table, and many more things. Users just need to share the URL to join a room or lobby to enter into it. So it will be a great alternative for Rabb.it.

# Together Tube

TogetherTube is also a great alternative for Rabb.it where users can create either private or public rooms for watching videos together. In the public room, various users will share the video on the platform and there will be voting for playing the video. The video, which will get more votes will play on the screen. You have the authority to change the group name and you can also restrict the other users from voting.

# Rave

Rave is a web-based media platform where users can also share the screen for watching videos together. Users can watch YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Users can also listen to music together on this platform. The most amazing thing is that this platform works with all types of devices either it is android, iOS, or tablet. So you can easily trust this platform.


So these are the best Rabb.it alternatives, now you can easily choose the best alternative from the above platforms. Now users will get all those features that they were getting on Rabb.it.

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