Best Control Settings for PUBG mobile

PUBG is getting more popularity day by day and we all want to be a good player in the game. There are a lot of settings that you need to change if you want to win more games. That’s why today in this article, we will tell you the best control settings that you can do for winning more games.

You can enjoy touchscreen control of your smartphone, especially in PUBG mobile. You will get to feel the amazing experience of every action button. So if you want to get a good ranking in PUBG mobile then you have to change some control settings for success. We will also tell you some advanced control settings that you should also look out for.

Best Control Settings for PUBG mobile

# Lean shooting

Lean shooting is quite popular in the PUBG game. As you can avoid being spotted while you are gathering more information about your enemies. You just have to enable the Peek and Fire option in the settings because this is a very useful tip.

Just go to the lean option in the settings, there you have to enable the Peek and Open Scope option, and do hold to learn in the peak option. These settings will open the ADS automatically through which you can see your enemies faster and can shoot easily.

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# Choose Extreme Frame Rate

You should choose an extreme frame rate in the settings to improve the performance of the game. You can find your enemies easily with its smooth performance. You will get various options for frame rate but you have to set extreme for improving gameplay. It will also ask for the graphics, you have to set on the Smooth option.

# Enable 3D Touch

While playing the game, we have to touch the screen many times. So if you want sensitive and smooth touch then you should enable 3D touch controls for a soft touch. This mode is best for those users who often touch the wrong buttons. You don’t have to directly play the game, you should play a practice match before play a game.

# Change Cross-hair color

By changing the cross-hair color, there will be a good contrast and you can target your enemies more accurately.

# Aim Settings

You will get some options in settings that would be aim related. The options are Aim assist and blocked by wall. Those who are beginners should enable the Aim assist mode. It will be better for the experts to disable this mode for the headshot. A user should also enable the Blocked by wall option which provides an easy to marker to view that the aim is blocked.

# Graphics Settings

Graphics plays a very important role in a game in terms of performance. If the graphic quality is good then your performance will also be good. Make sure that you have to choose the lower graphic which will help you to spot enemies faster. Make sure that the frame rate should be set on an extreme level. There are 4 color modes available in PUBG, you have to choose the brighter one so that you can spot the enemies faster. You should also disable anti-aliasing from which your mobile will produce less heat.

# Control Settings

You can also change player controls in the settings. You should try all the control and choose the one that is perfect for you. Make sure that you have to try in the training mode.

# Vehicle Settings

You will get three options for driving vehicles. Choose the one which is best for you. As we have seen that the default vehicle option is best, so you should make a command on that.

# Sensitivity settings

Players should select the sensitivity as per their preference, choose that one which is best for you.

# Loot pick-up settings

If you are a beginner then you should enable the auto-loot option in the settings. It will automatically swap out all the low-level items when you will pick high-level items.

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So, these are the settings that you should do while playing the PUBG game on mobile. We will recommend all the users to apply all these settings and then play in a practice mode so that you can make command on the game with these settings. If you are not getting command then you can set it to the default settings.

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