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Biu Biu Real Name, Pubg Id, Country, PUBG ID, Face and Biography

Biu Biu is a Malaysian gamer and streamer. He is best known for his PUBG mobile gaming skill and his YouTube channel which is growing too fast. He plays PUBG with the Team Secret. He is the leader of the Team Secret. He is a Conquerer in Season 3 (in Asia server) and 4 (on both Asia and China Server) and Season 5. His achievements in Pubg are Deathbringer IV, Eye for an Eye, Skull Collector IV and Supreme Markman. His achievement points in season 10 is 3,330 and achievement progress is 195/235.

Biu Biu’s Short biography

Real nameJiunn jie
Age20 years
Pubg NameBiuBiu
Pubg Id number5223109594
ProfessionGamer and streamer
Role in team Leader
Clan nameTeam Secret
Controls4 fingers + claw control
Email[email protected]
Device iPhone 11
ReligionNo information

Biu biu biography

Biu Biu is a professional PUBG player whose real name is Jiunn jie which is still unknown by a lot of his fans. He controls best with 4 fingers + claw. He uses the device iOS for his gaming. His name counted in one of the best streamers.

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Biu Biu real Name

Jiunn Jie

Biu Biu PUBG Id


Biu Biu religion


Biu Biu device


Biu Biu control

4 fingers + claw

Biu Biu age

20 years

Biu biu Clan


Biu Biu contact information

Email- [email protected]

Biu Biu Networth

No information

Who Are Biu Biu Mates and Competitive Teammates

Pubg IdReal NameRole
UhighMuhammad Dhiya UlhaqFragger
MadtoiAekachai AreesananIGL, Support
 iSHOTz.Raymond TanSniper, Attacker
Biu BiuKow Jiunn JieCaptain

Biu Biu YouTube

His YouTube channel is BiuBiu on which he has 8.41 lakh+ subscribers. He joined his YouTube channel on 11 November 2018. All his videos cross more than 200-300k views and some of them even cross 500k views. His channel is one of the most popular YouTube channels.

Biu Biu Instagram

His Instagram Id is biu1215 on which he has 154K + followers. He posts his own pictures, his teammates pictures, and about his gaming skills on his Instagram Id. Some of his videos cross more than 100,000 views and likes on his posts cross more than 50,000.

Biu Biu Sensitivity Settings

1st Person Camera – 130

Camera – 130

3rd Person Camera – 130

3rd Person

 No scope

1701st Person No scope150
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope70
3× Scope254× Scope26
6× Scope20 8× Scope16

Biu Biu ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope1001st Person No Scope88
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist512× Scope51
3× Scope354× Scope35
6× Scope188× Scope30

Biu Biu Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope1001st Person No Scope101
Red Dot, Holographic1152× Scope140
3× Scope1404× Scope140
6× Scope1108× Scope50

Biu Biu Kd Ratio And Statistics

Season 105.42
Season 99.65
Season 87.55
Season 79.44
Season 612.36
Season 516.25
Season 418.70
Season 325.93


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