BTR Zuxxy Real Name, Controls, Sensitivity And Device (1)

BTR Zuxxy Sensitivity, Biography, Controls, Pubg ID And Contact Info

Hello PUBG Mobile Lovers If You are looking For Information Related To BTR Zuxxy Like What Is His Real name, BTR Zuxxy Control Setting, BTR Zuxxy Sensitivity Setting, BTR Zuxxy Graphic Setting, BTR Zuxxy Character Id, BTR Zuxxy Control Setting & BTR Zuxxy Device Name, BTR Zuxxy Religion And Many More.

He Proof himself in PMWL 200 why he is The Number 1 pubg mobile player in the world on my list.

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Below I Am Going to provide You Much Information Related To BTR Zuxxy, his Real name, Character Id, Religion, Device name, controls, Age, And Contact Information.

BTR Zuxxy Short Biography

Real NameBagas
PUBG ID542761123
Kd Ratio8+
Clan NameBTR
Controls4 Claw
Device NameiPhone XS Max
Email[email protected], [email protected]

BTR Zuxxy Biography

BTR Zuxxy Is The Member of Well Known PUBG Mobile Clan Bigetron eSports, where he played at the position as in-game Leader and Observer The movement of the game. BTR Zuxxy’s task is very important because he brings his members to move to the safe zone. He Takes Rotation Call, alarming Enemies To his Teammates.

BTR Zuxxy Real Name

Btr Zuxxy Real name Is Bagas, he Is From Indonesia, He is the Professional PUBG Mobile Player for Bigetron eSports. Bagas is a founder of the Zuxxy Gaming Youtube channel and his In-game Name Is BTR Zuxxy, yes he Is The Brother Of  Bagus Prabaswara Aka BTR Luxxy 

BTR Zuxxy Character Id 


BTR Zuxxy PUBG Profile

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BTR Zuxxy Religion


BTR Zuxxy Device Name And Controls

iPhone XS Max and 4 Claw Player

BTR Zuxxy Age

BTR Zuxxy Is just a 17 Years Old Indonesian Gamer.

BTR Zuxxy Contacts Information

Email Id – [email protected], [email protected]

Instagram – bagas_zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy Youtube Channel

Who are BTR Microboy Teammates?

Real NamePubg NameRole
Made Bagas PramuditaZuxxyIGL
Muhammad AlbiRyzenFirst Rusher
Made Bagus PrabaswaraLuxxysniper, Attacker
Nizar Lugatio PratamaMicroboyRusher, Attacker
Maureen GabriellaAliceAttacker

BTR Zuxxy Sensitivity Settings

btr zuxxy overall settings

BTR Zuxxy Camera Settings

3rd Person

 No scope

1201st Person No scope115
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope35
3× Scope294× Scope20
6× Scope15 8× Scope12

BTR Zuxxy ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope1201st Person No Scope112
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist882× Scope36
3× Scope304× Scope40
6× Scope308× Scope12

BTR Zuxxy GyroScope Setting

3rd Person No Scope3001st Person No Scope300
Red Dot, Holographic3002× Scope300
3× Scope1654× Scope124
6× Scope608× Scope45

BTR Zuxxy Basic Setting

Aim AssistDisable
Block Sight WarningEnable
Bolt Action Rifle and Crossbow Firing modeRelease
Shotgun Firing ModeTap
Peek And FireDisable
Peek and Open scopeEnable
Lean Modmixed
Scope modeTap
Display Left Side Fire ButtonAlways On
GyroscopeScope on
Auto-Open DoorsEnable
Healing PromptDisable
Play EmoteEnable
Damage EffectRed
1st Person Perspective Camera view103
BTR Zuxxy Graphic Setting
Frame RateExtreme
Anti AliasingEnable
Non-Standard ScreensNotched
Fnatic Pick Up Setting
Auto PickupEnable
Stop Auto Pickup When List is collapsedEnable
Auto pickup Level 3 Bag PickupsEnable
Auto Pickup PistolsEnable
BTR Zuxxy Granade Pickup Setting
Frag Granade5
Smoke Grande7
Molotov cocktail1
Stun Grande

 BTR Zuxxy season Wise K/d ratio

SeasonK/d Ratio
Season 13
Season 128.81
Season 117.46
Season 107.48
Season 98.07
Season 86.89
Season 78.84
Season 611.70
Season 512.66
Season 411.16
Season 39.19
Season 211.27

BTR Zuxxy Achievements

BTR Zuxxy Become Famous When His Team managed to win the 2018 PINC Event, Qualification in Shanghai, China, and Passed PMCO to Berlin & Germany. Recently He won the PMWL 2020 Title.

2018-10-211stMinorPUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship BTR$12,441
2020-08-091stMajorPMWL 2020 BTR$155,000
2019-04-051stQualifierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: Indonesia QualifyBTR$4,000
2019-06-232ndMajorPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: SEA Championship BTR$20,000
2019-07-142ndMajorPUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2019 BTR$13,200
2019-09-082ndPremierPUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 BTR$50,000
2019-09-141stMinorBubu Esports Tournament 2019: Men BTR$11,815
2019-10-131stQualifierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA League BTR$8,600
2019-11-036thMajorPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA Championship BTR$6,000
2019-12-011stPremierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global FinalsBTR$205,000

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