Modern Warfare weapons list

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons list

As we all know there is a huge craze of games today. So if you are looking for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Weapons list, then you are at the right place. Today in this blog, we will discuss that.

Today gaming is fully advanced because of its graphics, visualization, audio effects, and many more. If we talk about Call of Duty: Modern Welfare weapons then every gun has some different features and which mode you are playing, it depends on them. So here is the list of some best weapons –

Assault Rifles

Kilo 141- This is a proper handling rifle that is fully automatic with attractive design. It also helps to fire continuously on the target.

FR 5.56- This gun looks very dangerous with a heavyweight. This gun has a three-round burst which is very deadly if it reaches its target.

Grau 5.56- This weapon is lightweight but has an extremely good range. The features in this gun are tremendous and its barrels make this gun more efficient.

M4A1- This weapon has a very good range and it can be used in any battle or any mode. This is not as heavyweight so you can easily control your shots while targeting someone.

RAM 7- This rifle is gully automatic with continuous bullpup. This is good for continuous firing but it is not deadly as compared to other rifles.

FN Scar 17- This rifle is also automatic with continuous bullpup. The bullets can reach to a high range and can cause huge damage to others.


R9-0 shotgun- This gun starts with double bullpup but with a delay in the second shot. This gun is good for close quarters but it delays in continuing the shots. So it is tough to use this gun while having 2 or more enemies.

Origin 12 shotgun- This is like an old fashioned gun with continuous bullpups. This is the best gun for continuous firing at close range.

725- This shotgun is best in Call of Duty. It is a long barrel shotgun with two round bullpups. A bullet can reach a wide range target.


Strela-p – This is a powerful launcher in the game Call of Duty. It is an 84mm recoilless rifle which has a very high explosion. It can highly damage vehicles.

RPG-7 – This is a very powerful rocket launcher that can do huge explosion especially for them who make groups tightly. This launcher is not tough at all to use.

JOKR- This is also an explosive launcher and it is best for ground wars. This launcher cam heavily damage armored vehicles. This launcher is also best for camo challenges.

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov- It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle which great for mid-range battles. This rifle allows for rapid bullpups shots.

HDR- This is a new caliber rifle that can kill enemies in just a single shot. These guns have lower muzzle velocity but its good for long ranges.


So these are the best Call of Duty: Modern Welfare weapons which you can use it in the game. Every weapon has some different features and used in different situations or in different modes of games.

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