Dead by Daylight Name Ideas

Dead by Daylight Name Ideas

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game available for all gaming consoles as well as mobile platforms. The game is designed in a unique way where players can go online to play against the real players of the world with its multiplayer mode. Dead by Daylight Name Ideas given here will help you to pick the suitable name as per your characters. Let’s collect some useful details about the game first. 

The game is developed by Behavior Interactive. The game was first released in the year 2016 for Windows PCs. And then after it was made available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the next year. Today, the Dead by Daylight game is available on Nintendo Switch as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms. No matter what type of console or system you own, you can easily get this free-to-play action-packed horror game installed on a respective device to start exploring the whole new world of gaming.

The Gameplay:

If you have just heard about this game and want to try your hands on to the exciting gameplay, then first you need to understand how the gameplay will amaze you.

In the Dead by Daylight game, one of the characters is a savage killer while the other characters in the multiplayer mode will act as a survivor. The survivors trying to escape from the world where they have a fear of losing their life from the savage killer.

Apart from the built-in characters and gameplay, the game receives regular updates through downloadable DLCs. Players are allowed to download the new characters through DLC content and that’s how the gameplay attracts you.

What makes this game so much popular in today’s competitive market is it lets you explore a range of your favorite horror characters from the popular franchises. The downloadable DLCs keep you engaging with the gameplay so that you can have new content to explore as a part of the gameplay with your own unique horror character.

The gameplay offers 22 survivor characters. The aim of the survivor is to somehow escape the area to save their life. Survivors will have to complete some tasks to get escaped from the enclosed area.

Apart from the survivors the game also offers 20 killer characters. Killer characters play an important role to make the game more exciting as they work as an obstacle for the survivors and always try to kill them off. Every killer has a special unique power to knock down the survivors.

Dead by Daylight Name Ideas

Dead by Daylight game allows you to play the game the way you want with your special character. You will be assigned a special task which you will have to finish in order to conquer the game.

Since each character of the game has a special ability and survivor and killing technique, which character you choose is wholly dependent upon you and your gameplay skills.

Just like every other game, you are allowed to keep a unique name for the character which you are playing in the game. The character name will be displayed as your screen name to others while playing with the online multiplayer mode.

To impress the masses around, it is essential for you to keep a catchy Name for your character. According to your gaming skills, your character name will become popular and you will be known as the character name in the game.

Apart from making others impressed, you can also take part in various communities and forum sites where you can post your gaming skills and unique ideas about the game, survivor techniques and more with the same name. This way, you can build your own community to help beginner players who have just start playing the game.

If you are curious to know more about the best Dead by Daylight Name Ideas, then here we have enlisted the most popular and unique names which you can select and keep as your main character name in the Dead by Daylight game. Get on to the list now!

Unique Names for name ideasDead by Daylight

  1. Bing Bong Boi
  2. Billy Boi
  3. Big black shock
  4. Black Lives Matter
  5. Wacky trappy
  6. Wealthy stealthy
  7. Funny runny
  8. Squeezey Wheezy
  9. Whoahy throw
  10. Scarry Larry
  11. Eaty meaty
  12. Catty fatty
  13. Shocky blocky
  14. Keepy sleepy
  15. Lamey gamey
  16. Leather face
  17. Punishmyers
  18. Twitchys
  19. Trapper
  20. The Wraith
  21. The Hillbilly
  22. The Nurse
  23. Brute
  24. Force
  25. The Doctor
  26. Myers
  27. Huntress
  28. Freddy

Funny Names for Dead by Daylight

  1. Megacy
  2. Pizza Time
  3. Tunnel Me Harder
  4. Hex
  5. Killbilly
  6. bumpabilly
  7. silentbilly
  8. Date Night Hag
  10. detective gen tapp
  11. Campmedaddy
  12. PrettyGoodJobSoF
  13. Daddy Myers
  14. Dead by Disconnect
  15. stab wounds
  16. m2 doesn’t work
  17. t-bag
  19.  I_Fap_To_Murder
  20. Saynotofap

Final Words:

Dead by Daylight is undoubtedly one of the most exciting action-packed horror game. Many of the gamers like to explore new storylines served by the horror games. They are much more exciting than shooting or racing games.
Install the game on a respective device or console now, follow the list of the unique names for your profile character and start exploring the story of the Dead by Daylight now!

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