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Cool, Stylish, Indan Army ORG FAU-G Game Name Ideas

After the government’s ban on the popular action-game, PUBG, an Indian publisher has released a new edition of PUBG-like game named FAU-G i.e. Fearless and United Guards. The game has created enough buzz among the pro-gamers across the country. Since the game has been released officially, most of you might be looking for unique and stylish names for Faug game. The FAU-G Game Name Ideas are listed below. You can pick the suitable name for your new profile on the FAU-G game now!

As we know that the craze of gaming is increasing day by day. Users were playing the PUBG game but after the ban, peoples are searching for the alternative. Still, some peoples were playing PUBG through some hacks. But the Indian Government had promised that they will launch an Indian game.

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The government had completed their promise, as they have launched the FAUG game just a few days ago. Many peoples have tried this game So Far and we have seen some Not So positive reviews But still, 5,000,000+ users have installed this game and spending a lot of time playing this game.

Being an Indian game, every Indian gamer would love to install and play this game on their respective mobile phones. If you have decided to start a new journey with this newly launched action-packed, then the following list of FAU-G Game Name Ideas will help you stand differently in the gaming arena.

FAU-G Game Name Ideas

Just like every other game, you will be asked to keep a unique username for your newly installed game while creating an account. Before we jump on to the list of the FAU-G Game Name Ideas, let’s collect some useful information about the game first.

About FAU-G Game:

FAU-G game has been released officially in India. As per the official announcement from the publisher, the game has been released for the users of Android devices. If you own an Android device, you can download and install the game from the official Google Play Store page. Alternatively, you can also install the game on your Android device manually by using the APK file.

An Indian actor, Akshay Kumar has made the official announcement about the launch. The announcement was made by the actor from his official Twitter account.

FAU-G Game is based in India and the characters you will see and face will look like Indians.

Indian army’s outfits will be provided to characters along with the Indian weapons.

The maps will be provided of Indian territories. You will start the game with the Galwan Valley of India. The recent trailer video featured the Galwan Valley of Ladakh. After completing the given mission, you will be provided with the next map which would also be within the Indian territory.

If you love to play action-packed shooting games, then this is the right time to kickstart this Indian-made action game i.e. FAU-G. Play as the real Indian army man and conquer the world by showing off your gaming skills.

The game is designed to give you even more exciting stuff than the original PUBG game with the Indian culture and territories. Moreover, it is more secured and safe as the makers take responsibility for the privacy of the users.

If you are excited enough to start the game, pick the stylish name for your FAU-G character now!

Best FAUG Game Name Ideas


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There are many types of categories or we can say Ideas which you can opt for creating a unique and stylish name for your game. Here, we have enlisted some of the coolest names which you can try for your FAU-G character.

So now we are providing you the best FAUG Game Name Ideas so that you can choose the best one for you and while registering your account, you can keep that name for more popularity. We are providing a huge list of the best names so that you got some huge choices from the collection. So here is the list of the best FAUG Game Name Ideas –

Indian Army ORG Names for FAU-G Game

FAUG is a battle-based Indian game, it is available on the Play Store and we have seen huge popularity and download on the launching day. There were more than 2 million downloads in a single day. Right now, there is a single-player campaign mode, but very soon it will be updated and users will get many other modes to enjoy the game.

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  • IPS
  • IAS
  • RAW
  • CBI
  • DGP
  • BSF
  • Commander
  • Charlie
  • NSG
  • CRPF
  • Sole Survivor
  • Veer
  • Vikram
  • Co
  • Major
  • Goriya
  • CID
  • Police

Stylish Names for FAU-G Game

Now comes the most important thing, which is the name that a user can keep in the FAUG game. Yes, it is quite necessary to have the best name so that other users can keep your identity in mind. No one keeps a simple name in mind so there should be a cool or stylish FAUG name. 

  • Royal King
  • Indian Fau-G
  • King Faug
  • Pro Faug
  • The Shooting King
  • Gun Rider
  • Faug Queen
  • Mystic
  • Gaming Badshah
  • Don
  • Dark Night Mafia
  • Shadow Gamer
  • Alpha Killer
  • Black Shark

Indian Names for FAU-G Game

As it is an Indian game so users don’t have to worry about banning it. The game has a very easy user interface so that anyone can play this game easily, they will get bit troubles in starting but when they will get habitual, they will not have to face any type of issue. The game is quite challenging and users will get tough competition from other users.

  • Bahubali
  • Mahabali
  • Bajarang
  • Rajnikant
  • Bachchan
  • Akshay
  • Shaktiman
  • Vinashak
  • Dev
  • Rishi

Cool Names for FAU-G Game

As it will be easier for the other users to keep your name in mind and if you are playing a good game then nothing is better than that. You don’t need to advertise yourself, your name will be sufficient to do all these things. That’s why today in this article, we are providing you the Cool FAUG Game Name Ideas.

  • Ghostrider
  • Hot Shooter
  • Fierro
  • Khiladi No. 1
  • International Gamer
  • International Khiladi
  • Nightmare
  • Shooter Panda
  • Lucky Shooter
  • Dark Cloud
  • Raja Faug
  • Star Killer
  • Star Hunter
  • Angel
  • Sniper King
  • Sniper Mafia
  • Soul of Faug
  • Mind Hunter
  • Head Hunter
  • Die Hard
  • Fire Fighter
  • Cute Faug
  • Careless King

So these are the best FAUG Name Ideas, as we know that FAUG is getting very popular day by day and the competition is increasing very quickly. So it is necessary to perform in the game to get some popularity. The best name will definitely help you to get remembered by the other users. If you know some more stylish names then please let us know, we will try to update them in this article.

Final Thoughts:

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These are the cool name ideas which you should try for your new FAU-G game. The above-listed information and name ideas will give you better ideas to pick the perfect character name which you can display to the world. Go ahead, explore the list of the FAU-G Game Name Ideas and make the most of it.

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