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Fnatic Franky PUBG Id, name, Sensitivity Settings, Statics and Biography

Franky is a professional PUBG player who plays for the team Fnatic. His old name was FNC Ninja. His plays as Sniper/Assaulter in the team which he joined on 11/3/2020.

pubg franky

In his past, he has played PMIT Jaipur Lan Finals for the team DIG. He was a professional hardcore player before Pubg.

In this article, we will have a look at his biography, sensitivity settings, his stats, and his claw setup.

Here we are going to share all information related to Fnatic Franky, Franky pubg id, Franky real name, Franky sensitivity settings, Franky k/d ratio.

Fnatic Franky’s Short biography


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Real name Gaurav Rawat
Nickname Franky
Country India
Relationship status  Single
Pubg Name FNCFranky
Pubg Id number 593480457
Clan name FNC (Fnatic)
Controls 5 fingers gyro
Role Sniper/Assaulter
YouTube Franky Gamer
Instagram Id frankygamer787
Device iPhone
Email [email protected]
Religion Hindu

Fnatic Franky’s biography

Franky’s real name is Gaurav Rawat. He plays PUBG at a professional level. He doesn’t reveal his face on his social media.

Fnatic Franky’s real Name

His real name is Gaurav Rawat.

Fnatic Franky’s character Id

Franky’s Pubg Pubg Id is 593480457

Fnatic Franky’s religion


Fnatic Franky’s device

As per sources we know, there is not much information about his device. But according to some sources may be the uses of an iPhone.

Fnatic Franky’s control

His 5 fingers gyro is always on.

Fnatic Franky’s age

No information

Fnatic Franky’s contact information

Email- [email protected]

Fnatic Franky’s Youtube

His YouTube channel is Franky Gamer787. He has 1.23lakh+ subscribers on his channel which he joined on 7 July 2018.

Fnatic Franky’s Instagram

His Instagram Id is fnatucfranky787. He has 85.5K+ followers on his Instagram account where he doesn’t reveal his face. He mostly posts about his PUBG skills, which gains a lot of attention from his fans.

Who Are Fnatic Franky’s Crew Mates and Competitive Teammates

Owais FNC . Owais IGL
Tanmay FNC . Scoutop Support/Scout
Harpreet Singh Janjuha Fnatic Ronak Frontline Assaulter
Ashish Bhatnagar Fnatic Ash Assaulter/Support
Gaurav Fnatic Franky Sniper/Assaulter
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Fnatic Franky Sensitivity Settings

1st Person Camera – 300

Camera – 300

3rd Person Camera – 300

3rd Person

 No scope

300 1st Person No scope 300
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 60 2× Scope 36
3× Scope 27 4× Scope 17
6× Scope 14  8× Scope 12

Fnatic Franky ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope 300 1st Person No Scope 300
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 60 2× Scope 36
3× Scope 27 4× Scope 17
6× Scope 14 8× Scope 12

Fnatic Franky Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope 300 1st Person No Scope 300
Red Dot, Holographic 300 2× Scope 300
3× Scope 300 4× Scope 100
6× Scope 40 8× Scope 40

Fnatic Franky Claw Setup

franky controls setup

Fnatic Franky Kd Ratio And Statistics

Season K/d Ratio
Season 13
Season 12 7.82
Season 11 4.69
Season 10 3.99
Season 9 5.80
Season 8 4.48
Season 7 4.45
Season 6 4.45
Season 5 4.86
Season 4 4.35
Season 3 4.37
Season 2 4.18

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