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How to Increase Popularity in PUBG Mobile – Free Popularity Tricks

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground- PUBG is undoubtedly the most popular action game in the world with millions of its crazy fans across the globe. With its addictive and action-packed gameplay, it has created history in the gaming world. The game offers a variety of items, skills, costumes, weapons, and what not!

You can also get Popularity for the character on PUBG. If you are not aware of the pubg popularity trick, then today’s guide is all about how you can get popularity in PUBG. Everything you want to know about the Popularity in PUBG game is given in this article. Keep on reading!

What is Popularity in PUBG?

PUBG’s developers are launching regular new items to sharpen up the gameplay. They introduce new items, new weapons, new tricks, and many more things to keep the players engaged with the game. Popularity in PUBG has been a popular term for quite some time.

The term popularity defines as how popular you are in the PUBG’s world. People would see you profile and judge your character after noticing the popularity of your PUBG profile. To make things easier, PUBG offers a few items called Popularity Items.

If you are curious to know about how you can get popularity items in PUBG or if you have any other queries regarding the Popularity term, then you should stick to this post as we have enlisted all the queries that may arise in your mind in this post.

Before we jump on to the list of questions and queries, let’s check out the list of all the popular items that are available for the PUBG players.

Types of  Popularity in PUBG Mobile

  1. Like:

The Popularity Value of Like is 30. Players can send out Like to the teammates from the final match’s screen results.

  1. Medal:

The Popularity Value of Medal is 10. Medal can be sent to the Clanmates. Players can only send Medal to Clanmates using the Clan Member’s Space.

  1. Like- Chicken:

The Popularity Value of Like Chicken is 10. You can gift this item to your favorite players to increase their popularity.

  1. Heart- Chicken:

The Popularity Value of the Heart Chicken is 20. This item can also be sent to the players to increase their popularity.

  1. Grilled- Chicken:

The Popularity Value of Grilled Chicken is 30. You can gift this item to the players to increase their popularity.

  1. Motorcycle:

The Popularity Value of Motorcycle is 200. If you liked someone’s gameplay, you can gift it to that person to increase his overall Popularity.

  1. Sports Car

The Popularity Value of Sports Car is 2,200. You can gift this item to someone to increase his popularity.

Apart from this, the makers make some Popularity Items available only for a limited period for the players. Players must have to gain these Popularity Items within the given time period to make things better for their future gaming.

All the Limited-Tim Popularity Items are listed below.

  1. Hearts

The Popularity Value of Hearts is 100. This item is available only during the Valentines of Chinese. This can be gifted to the Players Space to increase their Popularity.

  1. Diamonds

The Popularity Value of Diamonds is 400. This item can be gifted to another Player’s Space to increase their popularity.

  • Fireworks

The Popularity Value of Fireworks is 100. This can be gifted to another Player’s Space to increase their popularity.

  • Red Packet

The Popularity Value of Red Packet is 200. This item can be gifted to another player’s space to increase their popularity.

  • Scope

The Popularity Value of Scope is 50. This item can be gifted to another player’s space to increase their popularity.

These were all the Popularity Items in the PUBG game available for the players. These popularity items are very useful especially for those who want to become a popular PUBG player. Now let’s see how can we get these Popularity Items.

How To Increase Pubg Popularity free

Every PUBG player’s profile has a Space with a little Chicken button. When someone visits your space and hit the Chicken button, your Popularity increases. It means the other player has sent you a gift of Popularity.

There’s a special section called Your Fans where you will see your top contributors. There’s one more section called recent interactions where you will see the top 10 contributors who have gifted you the Popularity Items.

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You can check your current Popularity Ranking from your Profile itself. The more Popularity you will receive from other players, the more gifts you can give to others.

You will have to follow the same instructions to gift Popularity Items to your favorite players. You are allowed to visit their Spaces. Let’s check out the easiest way to gain Popularity Gifts in the PUBG game.

  1. Pubg Popularity Exchange By asking your friends

PUBG is an online multiplayer game that can be played with our real friends. So the first and the easiest way to gain more Popularity in the game is by asking your friends to visit your Space and tap the Gift button. You can also give Popularity to their Spaces.

  1. Pubg Mobile send popularity By Playing More Games With Random

You can create a team called Clan with random players from the gaming space and if you have made a good bond, you can ask them to send you Gift items to increase your popularity.

There’s one more way to impress your teammates and I.e. by playing smarter than them. If your teammates got impressed with your gaming skills, he will definitely like to send you gift items without your concern.

  1. Pubg Mobile Popularity Gift By Using Second Account

Pro PUBG players have invented ways to increase popularity and this is by far the most effective way. Players can gift Popularity Items from their secondary account. If the secondary account has more BP and Silver Frags, you can send them to your Primary account to increase its Popularity.

That’s all you might want to know about the Popularity term in the PUBG game. The game is quite popular and gives you all the happiness and exciting time ahead. Explore all these items well, get to know about these items and the Popularity Value, and follow the above-listed ways to gain more Popularity.

How to Get Diamond popularity in pubg

Note: This is a pubg free rewards VPN Trick

  • Download Any VPN
  • Connect with Taiwan
  • Create a new account in pubg mobile and connect with your original id where you want to send the diamond popularity in pubg.
  • Open Your Pubg Mobile if you have extra pubg account
  • Change your country Region to – Chinese Taiwan
  • Now Simply Goto EVENTS Option
  • Now Goto theme>Space gifts

Free Popularity Tricks

  • Now Send 3 hearts chicken to your main id
  • Now you will get Diamonds popularity in pubg mobile.

Pubg Free Popularity Redeem code

  1. BBVNZBZ4M9 – Popularity 
  2. BBKVZBZ6FW –Popularity
  3. UKUZBZGWF Popularity
  4. TQIZBz76F  – Popularity

How to Redeem Pubg Popularity Redeem Code

  • Goto Pubg Mobile Redemption center – here
  • Enter Character Id 
  • Enter Code
  • Enter verification code 
  • Click on redeem

Pubg Mobile Popularity Generator

All Such pubg popularity generators are fake, never fall for such tricks you may lost your pubg id because they can capture your login id and hack your account, so be aware of all such fraud.

How do you remove someone from popularity in PUBG?

  • First of all goto Game friends list
  • Find the player whose account you want to remove from the popularity list
  • Click on upper side three option
  • refresh 
  • his name will not see in the popularity list anymore

Pubg Popularity increase hack

There is No Such Hack Available on the internet you can follow our trick to increase your popularity in pubg mobile.


What is the use of popularity in pubg

This will show the Players Popularity.

How to give likes to teammates in pubg

Simply Click On Friend icon and then Give Popularity to your teammates, you can also give likes to your teammate after every match.

Who has the most popularity in PUBG?

Soul Mortal

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How to get 1000 likes in pubg

You just need a plan popularity for that 


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