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How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile (Best Legal ways)

PlayerUnknowns Battleground is undoubtedly the best game in the history of gaming. If you are addicted to this game and want to get free UC I.e. Unknown Cash to buy in-game purchases, then there are many ways to do so. This article will show you how you can get free UC in PUBG and what’s the benefits of it. Let’s get on to the details now! 

What is UC in PUBG? 

UC stands for Unknown Cash in the PUBG game. It is basically the currency of the game to buy different tools, weapons, and more from the game’s in-game purchases section. It is there for mobile users only. You can spend UC to purchase premium items from the PUBG Shop which is exclusively available for PUBG Players. 

The price for every 60 UC is $0.99. You can purchase it or can earn it by playing the game smartly. Here, we have listed down all the best ways to get Free UC in PUBG. If you don’t want to spend your money for the Unknown Cash, you can follow these simple methods to get free UC so that you can purchase different premium items of the game easily. 

How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Method 1: From Google Play Gift Cards 

There are many apps that let you earn Google Play Gift Cards. You will be given a small task which you have to complete in order to earn Google Play Gift cards. AppKarma and many other apps are there where you need to first register yourself and create your personal profile. 

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After creating an account, you will be presented with a list of tasks along with the Gift Card points which you will earn after completing that task. Once the task is done, the Gift Cars credit will be added automatically which you can spend to buy UC. 

This is the simplest and easy method to get UC for free in the PUBG game. Most of the PUBG players are following this method to earn Google Play Gift Rewards so that they can spend it on buying the UC. Ultimately, it can help the users to buy whatever they want from the exclusive PUBG Shop. 

Method 2: Earn UC from Third-party Apps 

A lot of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store are there which can get you instant cashback of Paytm. You might have earned a lot by using such third-party apps which can offer extra rewards as cashback on your Paytm wallet or Payment Credit. 

Apart from the apps, some on-going offers of different e-commerce websites are also there to earn more of the cashbacks. The best part about the UC in the PUBG game is you can buy them in so many different ways. It supports numerous apps from which you can easily redeem the reward points, coupons, cashback, and more. 

If you have earned enough Paytm cashback, you can simply send it to buy UC from the PUBG game. This is one more most common method which is being used by millions of the PUBG players. 

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Method 3: Google Opinion Rewards 

Google Opinion Rewards is a special reward program launched by Google for the influencers and normal users who can earn their fare by fulfilling the daily surveys. The app works with a simple method where users’ have to take part in different online surveys. 

After fulfilling the selected survey, users will earn direct money to their accounts. The money will be credited instantly based on the survey. The more questions you take online, the more credit you will earn. Make sure you spend some time to read out the questions properly and then give your answers. 

Once you realized that you have earned enough Google Play Balance, you can redeem it to collect some UC for the PUBG Shop. To do so, go to the PUBG’s UC Section and select UC Purchase option. You will see a number of apps there from which you need to select the Google Pay Balance option. 

The UC will be credited instantly to your PUBG account which you can spend on purchasing new PUBG Skins and many other premium items from the official PUBG Shop. 

Method 4: Google Play Free Credit 

Google sends out free credit to its users randomly. There comes a time when you would be asked to fulfill the basic requirements of the seller while purchasing something online. This is where you can see the extra Google Play Free Credit. You will have to tick mark this option to earn free credit on your purchase. 

Once you collect enough free credit, go to the UC Purchase section on your mobile phone. Select the purchase option and then Google Play Free Credit. You can redeem this credit for purchasing Unknown Cash. 

Method 5: Earn UC by Downloading Apps 

Apps like FeaturePoints is there to give you instant credit which you can spend on purchasing Unknown Cash for the PUBG game. The app serves an easy user-interface where you just need to install it on a respective Smartphone. Once you launch the app, you will see a list of the apps to be downloaded on your smartphone. 

The app will show you a number of different ways to earn rewards, credit points, coupons, and much more. You can choose any of these methods from the app to start earning the reward points and credit. 

Once you finish the downloading process of the selected apps, your Google Play Credit Account will be credited instantly. After collecting enough credit points, you can redeem the points to buy instant Uknown Cash. The UC can then be spent on buying the premium items from PUBG Shop. 

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These are the most effective methods to Get Free UC in PUBG. Each of these methods is very easy, all they require is a little bit of your time to complete the given tasks such as taking part in online surveys, downloading apps, answering basic questions, etc. 

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