Games like Boom Beach

Games Similar to Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a very popular game for Android and iOS users. This is a multiplayer strategy based game developed by supercell. In this game, a user has to attack computer NPS bases. So today in this article I will tell you games similar to Boom beach.

If you like strategy-based games then boom beach is the perfect game and if you want the most similar games to Boom beach then here are the complete details of those games.

 Games Like Boom beach

Here are the best games that are quite similar to Boom Beach, that you can play on your Android and iPhones.

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a very popular strategy-based and is quite similar to Boom Beach. In this game, you will be the chief of the village and you have to make your village by the resources you are getting by attacking the players with its attacking features. A player has to earn gold and pearl to increase the watches that are providing you a safeguard from the other players.

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2. Pocket Fort

Pocket Fort is a strategy based game that is loved by men and women. In this game, you have to develop a fortification with your armed officer within the prescribed time. You have to strike to the privateers to clean your combat aptitude and you have to protect your fort and win the prices in a single participant tournament.

3. Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars is a real strategy based game in which a user will get live combat experience. There is a tremendous gameplay option, you have to select a character in this game and build your base and troops, then you have to send them in the battle to fight with your enemies. You can use reward points to upgrade your weapons which will help you to destroy your enemies and you will get more rewards after every win.

4. Enemy Lines

Enemy Lines is a 3D video game that is strategy based. In this game, you will be like a commander who has to build an empire and protect it from the rivals. You will get different levels in this game and you have to clear all the levels, and there are different levels in the tournament and you can also upgrade your power-ups to get it easier to kill your enemies.

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5. Battle Glory

Battle Glory is a strategy based action game where you have to defend yourself from enemies. In this game, you have to select a character and then create your base and circuit then you have to train your troops, create your tanks, and fighter plans to enter into the tournament. You have to make a proper strategy to kill your enemies and get some reward points for it.


So, these are the perfect alternatives or similar games to Boom Beach. All of these games are strategy based where you have to defend your fort from the enemies and get reward points for it. Those reward points will help you to upgrade your levels and weapons.

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