Games like

Games like

We all like to play computer games and there are some special games available on the Internet that do not require separate installation like So today in this article we will tell you some best games like

There are many games available on the Internet that does not requires the separate installation and these games are just for a time pass. These types of games never go from the trend and also it has not great graphics but still people like these types of games. is a famous game that users can play on their computers. This is a single or multiplayer game that can be enjoyed with our friends.

Now if you want more games like, then be with us, we will help you.

Games like

Here is the list of best games like

  • Vertix Online

If you want to play a game like then Vertix online is the perfect option for you. This is a shooting based game where you have to make a team or squad with your friends and can enjoy the game to the fullest. In this game, a player has to kill other players to win more points in the game. You have to perform and gain points for the whole team. You don’t have to add some extra efforts to install this game.

  • MiniRoyale 2

MiniRoyale is also a shooting based game which is quite similar to This us a battle mode game where you have to play with your friends. In this game, there is a team of 10 players where you have to beat the opponents by killing them. You will also get weapons lime shotguns and assault rifles. You have to beat the opponents with the help of these weapons and the team will win who can stand till the game-ending.

  • Assault Cube

Assault Cube is a famous shooting game that is based on a cube engine. The game can be played as a single-player and multiplayer so that you can enjoy with your friends. In a single-player, you will get the Arcade mode with the computer bots and in multiplayer, you can play with your friends. You can also play the different modes in this game like Capture The Flag, Hunt the Flag, Deathmatch, etc.

  • PKing

You can also play this game without any extra efforts to put in installation. This is a bit different game from and here you have to beat enemies to be at the top of the list. This game is also just like other Browser games where you have to kill Enemies and earn maximum points. In this game, you can also gather resources to stay ahead of other players.

  • RoboFight

We can understand this game with its name here you have to kill the enemies and have to earn the maximum points. This is also a shooting based game that has some cool graphics. You can earn points by killing the enemies and by shooting the headshots. You will learn more as long you can survive in this game.  This is one of the most liked Browser games because of its graphics quality.


So these are the best browser game if you are searching the games like There are a lot of games available on the Internet like this but we have shown some of the best games, so you should try this game at least once. If you know some more browser games like, then please express your opinion in the comment section.

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