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TSM Entity Ghatak  – Ghatak is a player belongs to India who plays PUBG mobile for the TSM Entity. TSM Stands For Team Solo mid. He played many tournaments for the TSM Entity and won a huge amount of cash prizes. Ghatak is one of the best IGL’s in India. He belongs to Pune India. He is 26 years old boy. He is a PUBG player for TSM Entity and a Photographer in his real life. If you are a PUBG player and want to become a pro player like him and join the Big clan like TSM Entity, you must know him or you must be interested to know more about him, so just scroll down.


He is one of the best players of Team Solo Mid. His real name is Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare. He is a PMCO 2019 Fall Split South Asia Winner. He also owns a photoshop Shop in Pune but he mostly focuses on his PUBGM Career. He is a game lover since childhood. He bagged the first prize at India’s Best Age of Conquer Tournament in Symbiosis College, Pune in 2008.

His friend recommended him PUBG mobile and after playing he just loved the game and become a pro on it. He believes that there are emotions in the game.

he is a married man and his wife supports him a lot to get his goals.

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He becomes so much addicted to PUBG after playing it and went to watch LAN’s finale in Hyderabad. He was so much inspired by the finale and decided to attend the next Finale as a winner. Abhijeet has worked too hard to convince his family and now he is known to everyone as Ghatak.

 Ghatak’s Short biography

Real name Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare
Country India
Age 26 years
Pubg Name TSMentGhatak
Pubg Id number 5124621984
Role in Entity IGL and Frontline Assaulter
Clan name ORB (Ex) Entitiy
Controls 3 fingers claw
Email No information
Device No information

TSMent Ghatak’s Biography

He is a pro PUBG mobile player plays for the TSM Entity.

Ghatak belongs to Pune, INDIA. Ghatak’s real name is Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare. He is the coach, igl & assaulter of TSM Entity Clan, previously he played for ORB Clan but now he Owns Entity.

Ghatak’s Real Name

The real name of Ghatak is Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare.

Ghatak’ Age

He is 29 years old.

Ghatak’s Relationship Status

He is Married.

ghatak wife

Ghatak’s control

3 fingers claw

Ghaytak’s total earning

$25,491 (approx)

Ghatak’s religion


Ghatak’s Character Id



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Ghatak’s teammates

Pubg Id Real Name Role
TSMentGhatak Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare Support
TSMenNeyoo Suraj Nityanand Majumdar Assaulter
TSMentJONATHAN Jonathan Jude Amaral Cover
ZGOD Abhishek Choudhary Frontline Assaulter
ClutchGod Vivek Aabhas Horo IGL

Ghatak’s Sensitivity Settings

1st Person Camera – 84

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Camera – 120

3rd Person Camera – 120

3rd Person No Scope 120 1st Person No Scope 104
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 34 2x Scope 30
3x Scope 22 4x Scope 24
6x Scope 19 8xScope 12

Ghatak’s Ads Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope 130 1st Person No Scope 120
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 60 2× Scope 36
3× Scope 25 4× Scope 18
6× Scope 12 8× Scope 12

Tournaments played by Ghatak

Placement Tier Tournament Prize
1st Minor India Today League PUBGM Invitational $1,704
1st Minor GamingForGood – Charity Tourney $1,316
1st Minor Mafia Cup Season 1 $1,407.95
2nd Major Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia $2,000
3rd Minor Fnatic Lockdown Invitational 2020 $197
4th Major PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019 $2,805
17th Minor Villager Esports Pro Invitational 2020 0$

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