OR GiLL Pubg Id, Sensitivity Settings, Controls, device, stats and Biography

Gill is The Indian Pubg Mobile Professional player who plays for Orange Rock, he recently joined Orange Rock For the Pubg Mobile world league 2020 and Currently, He Is the leading Kill Fragger.

OR GiLL  Short biography

Real name Arshpreet Singh
Country India
Date of birth No information
Pubg Name ORGiLL
Pubg Id number
Team name Orange Rock
Gill’s role Assaulter
Controls 4 Claw Player with Gyro On
Email [email protected]
Instagram Id gill_pubg
Device iPhone 11
Youtube GiLL

OR Gill biography

OR Gill real name is Arshpreet Singh belongs to India. He is 4 Claw Player who earlier used to play for GodL But recently he joined Orange Rock. now He Is Playing as an assaulter for the team orange rock.

OR Gill real Name

Arshpreet Singh

OR Gill character Id

OR Gill religion


OR Gill device

iPhone 11

OR Gill control

4 Claw

OR Gill age

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OR Gill contact information

Email- –

OR Gill  Youtube

OR Gill YouTube channel Name  is GiLL. He has 9.27k+ Subscribers on his channel.

OR Gill popularity rating in Pubg

OR Gill total Earnings


OR Gill social media

Instagram: gill_pubg

OR Gill has 65.9k+ followers on his Instagram account.

Orange Rock Roster

Harmandeep Singh Mavi IGL
Viren Mahipalsingh Gour Viru assaulter
Arshpreet Singh GiLL Entry Fragger, Assaulter
Daljit Singh Daljit Sniper
Tanmay Singh Scoutop Fragger

OR Gill Sensitivity Settings

1st Person Camera – 300

Camera – 100

3rd Person Camera – 300

3rd Person

 No scope

120 1st Person No scope 120
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 83 2× Scope 32
3× Scope 20 4× Scope 20
6× Scope 17  8× Scope 12

ORmavi ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope 172 1st Person No Scope 172
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 53 2× Scope 50
3× Scope 18 4× Scope 20
6× Scope 10 8× Scope 14

ORmavi Gryscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope 300 1st Person No Scope 300
Red Dot, Holographic 30 2× Scope 300
3× Scope 300 4× Scope 272
6× Scope 52 8× Scope 60

OR GiLL Achievements

  • 7th rank PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals
  • 3rd rank PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia League
  • 1st rank Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia

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