godl smokie

GodL Smokie Character Id, Sensitivity Settings, Controls, Real name, Device, Stats and Biography

Here you Will Get All Information About GodL Smokie, Smokie real name, Smokie pubg id, Smokie controls Setup, Smokie Sensitivity Settings.

If We Talk About Smokie Achievements, he is the Winners of Fighting League 2018, PMCO 2020 Regional Champions, PMIT 2ND Runner Up, and PMCO Fall Split South Asia Rank 4.


God Like Smokie Short biography

Real nameChetan Chandgude
Relationship statusSingle
Pubg NameGodLsmokie
Pubg Id number
Clan nameGodLike
Controls4 finger + Gyroscope
Instagram Idsmokie2op

Godl Smokie Biography

He Is Computer Science Engineer And Also Used To Work 9to5 Job For 6 Months. Earlier He Used To Play In Ipad But For Pursuing Esports Career he has to switch in Smartphones and He practiced a lot for performing well on mobile phones too because he was a very good player on Ipad.

He Earlier Used To Play For INS Clan, Then he joined IND, and Now He is Again Playing For GodL.

Godl Smokie Real Name

Chetan Chandgude

Godl Smokie Character ID

Not available

Godl Smokie Social Media



Godl Smokie Control Setup 

GODL Rosters

Gopal SardaHastarIGL
Chisin RaingaimXz1stAssaulter
Shekhar PatilSmxkieFrontline Assaulter
Arshpreet SinghGillSniper
Chetan ChandgudeGodL KronTenSupport
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GodL Smokie Control Layout

He Has The 4 Fingers Gyro Setup, Only Follow This Settings If You are 4 Claw Player Or If You Still practicing then you can Follow This Layout setup.

smokie control layout

Smokie Camera sensitivity settings (Free Look)

1st Person Camera – 100

Camera – 100

3rd Person Camera – 70

smokie camera sensitivity settings

3rd Person

 No scope

1001st Person No scope88
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope30
3× Scope224× Scope14
6× Scope12 8× Scope10

Smokie Camera sensitivity settings

smokie ads sensitivity settings

Smokie ads Sensitivity Settings

3rd Person No Scope1001st Person No Scope88
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope30
3× Scope224× Scope20
6× Scope208× Scope10

smokie ads sensitivity settings main  Smokie Gyroscope sensitivity settings

3rd Person No Scope3001st Person No Scope300
Red Dot, Holographic3002× Scope300
3× Scope2054× Scope175
6× Scope1158× Scope91

Smokie gyroscope settings

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