8bit gyrogod

8bit Gyrogod PUBG ID, Controls Layout, Sensitivity Settings, Real Name and Biography

As the name implies, He is The Real God Of Gyroscope, His No Recoil Spray always knock down the opponents. He Is The Only 7 Finger Claw Player in Indian Pubg Mobile Player Community.

Gyrogod Real name is Shahnawaz Shahbaz, he is Just 18 Years old. He has 58k Subscribers on youtube and  21k people following him on Instagram. Gyrogod is Playing For 8Bit Clan as a Front Fragger.

8Bit Gyrogod Short Biography

  • Real Name: Shahnawaz Shahbaz
  • AGE: 18
  • Nickname: Gyrogod
  • PUBG ID: 5326241414
  • Clan Name: 8BIT
  • Net Worth: 1M
  • Relationship: No
  • Religion: Muslim
  • PUBG Name: 8bitGYROGOD
  • Controls: 7 finger + Gyroscope

Gyrogod Achievements

7 Fingers Claw Player

50k Subscribers on Youtube

20k followers on instagram

Team Roster

8Bit Gyrogod Teammates

8bit thug image fairgame
8bit akshu

8Bit Akshu



8Bit Mamba


8bit goldy

8Bit Goldy

co owner

8Bit Gyrogod K/D Ratio



Season 1

Not Played

Season 2

Not Played

Season 3

Not Played

Season 4


Season 5


Season 6


Season 7


Season 8


Season 9


Season 10


Season 11


Season 12


Season 13

will update

8Bit Gyrogod Controls Setting

gyrogod controls layout

8bit gyrogod Sensitivity Settings


3rd Person No Scope2151st Person No Scope215
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist302x Scope36
3x Scope304x Scope26
6x Scope208xScope10

8bit Gyrogod ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope1801st Person No Scope180
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist272x Scope30
3x Scope264x Scope23
6x Scope188xScope9

8bit Gyrogod GyroScope Setting

3rd Person No Scope294%1st Person No Scope294%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist294%2x Scope284%
3x Scope282%  4x Scope284%
6x Scope1768xScope129

8Bit Gyrogod 7 Fingers Claw Handcam

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