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How To Hack PUBG Mobile Without Getting Banned 2021

PUBG Mobile Hack: A lot of users have been asking “how to hack PUBG Mobile without a ban?” You also might wonder about the best PUBG hacks for mobile which you can try out to enhance your gameplay. We have thought of coming up with the full list of PUBG Mobile Hack app or we can say the tools that you can use combined with the existing PUBG Mobile game.

We all know about the popularity of the PUBG game. Being the world’s most popular action game, it has attracted a lot of cheaters and hackers also. There are many bots of the game present in the market which a lot of Android users are currently using.

Note: The purpose of this list of PUBG Mobile Hacks for Android is to make the gamers aware of these hacking tricks that most hackers are currently using. We do not encourage our readers to follow these methods as it can lead to a permanent ban on their PUBG account.

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds known as PUBG is undoubtedly the best action-packed multiplayer game in the market. The game has millions of daily active players who are spending hours of their time playing this game and conquering the world. The game is extremely addictive as it serves exciting gameplay to make you fall for it. In this article, we will show you how to hack PUBG mobile for free.

Many of the PUBG players have been asking us to come up with a tutorial to show them how they can hack the PUBG game on their Android smartphones. For that reason, we have thought of providing you with a step by step guidelines with all the required tools and their download links to hack the PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG game is widely available for PC, Mobile platforms, and other gaming consoles. It is a last man survivor game where you will be landed on an island with 99 other players. Your duty is to hunt down all the players to conquer the world. A lot of exciting things, weapons, tools, skins, and many more things will be served to you throughout the game.

What makes you go for the hacking of this game is you will get all the things unlimitedly without completing the tasks or spending your money via in-game purchases. This is the only reason why so many PUBG players have been asking to provide the hacking tutorial of the game.

What is PUBG Hack?

PUBG Hack is nothing but implementing an additional script to the main PUBG mobile game so that players can get a few extra things for the game for free. With this PUBG Hack, players will get a list of useful things such as AimBot, No Recoil, Speed Hack, Wall Hack, and more.

Note: Hacking a game is totally illegal and we do not encourage you to follow this hacking tutorial. Additionally, by hacking the PUBG Mobile Game, the charm of excitement will be gone. To keep the excitement of the game alive, we would request you to stay away from this hacking procedure. If you still want to hack this game out, then here we have prepared a step by step guidelines for you.

PUBG Mobile Hack Features:

Once you hack the PUBG Mobile game, you will be able to explore the game with unlimited items and weapons. The following things will be added to your account which you can use to makeover your character or power up your gaming performance. Let’s check out the key features of the PUBG Mobile Hack first.

1. WallHack

With this feature, you will be able to shoot down your enemies through the wall with the existing weapon.

2. Change Body Colors

This feature allows you to change the body color of your character. Apart from yours, you can also change the body color of your enemies.

3. Headshots

The automatic headshots feature allows you to shoot down enemies instantly. You can shoot down your enemies instantly by shooting them on his head with this automatic headshot feature.

4. Speed Shots 

Speed shots let you shoot down multiple enemies with one go. You can keep on shooting using your weapon by enabling this speed shots feature.

5. Anti-ban Feature

This feature keeps you alive. You will never run out of your life by enabling this feature while playing the PUBG’s Anti-ban feature.

6. High Damage 

With this feature, you will be able to damage your enemies more which ultimately helps you conquer the game.

7. No Footprints

This feature keeps your footprints hidden so your enemies won’t be able to find you or your footprints.


There are a lot of additional tools and files which you need to download and install on your Android device to hack down the PUBG Mobile game. Here, we have listed down all the required tools with their respective download links. You just need to follow the download links given below to get them.

Download Updated Version From Telegram Channel
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Make sure to download all the above-listed files on your Android device. We have provided direct download links of all the files so that you can easily get them downloaded on a respective Android device. Now, to Hack PUBG Mobile game, here we have prepared step-by-step guidelines for your convenience. Follow these steps wisely to get the PUBG game hacked!

How to Hack PUBG Mobile Game?

Note: Make sure that the device has the latest version of the PUBG game installed in it.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do here is installing the ZArchiver app on your device. You can get it from the above link. It’s an official app that can be installed from the Play Store’s link given above.

Step 2:

Now, extract the PUBG Hack Script folder using the extractor app installed above.

Step 3:

Now, you need to install the Game Guardian, PUBG Game, and Strange VPN to your Android device. The respective download links for all these apps are given above, take your time and finish the installation of these apps first.

Step 4:

After this, you need to open the Dual Space on your Android device and copy or clone the Game Guardian and PUBG Mobile Game there so that you can hack it out there.

Step 5:

Now, open the Game Guardian app on the clone window. You would be asked to browse the file from which you need to select the PUBG Hack Script file. After selecting the script, you need to execute it by selecting the execute button.

Step 6:

Now, open the PUBG Mobile game on your Mobile phone. When the game is launched, you would see a floating icon of the Game Guardian there. Select this icon to use the various hacked features listed above.

How to Hack PUBG Mobile Kr Version

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Hacks for Mobile Users

1. PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes

PUBG Mobile Cheat Codes were first introduced in the year 2018. After knowing about the different vulnerabilities inside the game, the hackers have introduced these cheat codes. PUBG Mobile hack download available for Android users who can use these cheat codes directly on their PUBG game. These cheat codes keep on updating with new items and rewards.

2. PUBG Mobile Wallhack

The PUBG Mobile Wallhack is the most common PUBG Cheats used by the players. This trick is super easy to implement and anyone can use it with just a little tweak.

The Wallhack tweak allows players to spot the enemy even if they are out of sight. You can’t see the enemies who are standing behind the walls or are far away from you. This tweak lets you see through the wall to spot the enemy and hunt him down.

A lot of resources are available on the web from where you can download the PUBG Mobile Wallhack Mod. This mod lets you use this feature with the existing game. With this mod, you can stay alive in the game for a long time and can hunt down more enemies around to conquer the stage.

3. Aimbot for PUBG Mobile

Aimbot for PUBG Mobile is yet another most common and highly recommend hack which you can try on your PUBG Mobile game. You may notice the same hack in a lot of shooting games as it can be easily implemented by the gamer.

PUBG Mobile Hack Aimbot enables players with 100% accuracy. This hack makes the killing or shooting effortless and clean. Players can take direct headshots using this hack which enhances the gameplay. You can keep yourself hidden from others while shooting down your enemies or opponents one by one.

Unlike other hacks, the PUBG Aimbot gives you the best of results right in front of your eyes. You will be impressed with this hack of the PUBG Mobile game. PUBG Mobile Aimbot Download is available on the web.

4. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

PUBG game is all about exploring the terrain to hunt down the enemies. Speed is crucial while searching and hunting for enemies. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack is there for you if you want to roam faster than the current speed. This hack is designed to improve your speed in the game.

This hack is not recommended as after applying this hack, you will roam faster than usual. Your opponents can easily identify the hack and you might get in danger if someone reports about it to the community. Better not to use this hack if not needed.

5. PUBG Mobile Jump Hack

Jump Hack is a unique hack in the PUBG Mobile game. This hack allows you to take a bird-eye view of the current map that you are exploring. Some professionals also call it an anti-gravity hack for PUBG mobile game. You will be jumped up to the sky to take a full view of the map which is why it is called an anti-gravity hack.

Besides viewing the map, the same hack lets you locate the enemies roaming around. You can easily spot out your enemies to kill them down effortlessly.

So, guys, this is how you can easily hack PUBG Mobile game. The above-listed method is the simplest hacking method to hack PUBG Kr. The same method is being used by pro gamers who want to try out some extra features while playing the game on their respective Android device.

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If you really wish to have the hacked version of the PUBG game on your Android device, then follow the above-given steps. Make sure you go through the entire guidelines and tutorial first. Gain proper knowledge, download the required apps and files, and then start following the step by step hack tutorial.

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