How Much Money You’ve Spent in League of Legend?

How To Check How Much Money Have I Spent On League of Legends

Gaming is addictive. If you too are an avid gamer, then you might have purchased a lot of things to enhance your overall gaming experience. Yes, we are talking about the in-game purchase section from where gamers can buy different types of stuffs to make their gaming character more powerful.

League of Legend is a popular game and attracts millions of pro-gamers to explore its in-game purchase section. If you want to know how much have I spent on League of Legend game, then here we have tried to explain the same.

League of Legend is a multiplayer online game with a huge fan following across the globe. The game can be played as a solo player or you can also try it out with your friends by simply integrating it with social networks. It’s a PC exclusive game that is available for both, Windows and macOS PC systems.

How Much Have I spent on league

Riots have simply made it easier for the players of League of Legends to know about their purchases. Riot’s official website now allows you to see how much money you have spent in the game’s in-game purchase section to buy different things.

To check how much you’ve spent, just log into the official page of the Riot. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see how much and for what things you have spent money. You can visit this page for more information:

Since the game is quite addictive, people do love to purchase things out which are actually essential to improve the overall gaming experience. Not everyone wants to check how much money they have spent on their favorite things, but if you want to keep a track of the things or the expenses for gaming, you can simply log into your account and check the total amount spent on in-game purchases.

Developers are working hard to make the game more exciting and for that reason, they add up new items for purchase in the in-game purchase section. Players who spend hours of their time on this game would definitely like to purchase their favorite or the much-needed things.

 If you want to know about how and for what things most professional players spend their money in the game, then here we have gathered some concrete information for you.

Over 80% of the League of Legends players do spend their money on buying the seasonal passes. When you buy a seasonal pass for the game, the money spent on it would also be reflected when you log into the official website of Riot.

Apart from the seasonal pass, people love to spend their money on buying special skins for their respective characters. Most of the players spend their money on buying new skins to make their character look more impressive. Some useful tips and tweaks are also there for purchase in the game.

Many players on Reddit do share the reports of their total money spent on purchasing things for the League of Legends game. Some users have shared their reports with other’s reports. They have compared for what things they have spent thousands of dollars in one particular game. Yes, there are players who have spent over $1000 bucks in the game for skins, seasonal pass, spam chat, etc.

What amazed most of the gamers is Riot has all the information about you and your activities. They have full control over your gaming nature as the game is online. No matter what thing you have purchases in which year, Riot has got all the details about you which you can now view by log into your Riot account.

We all love to spend money on attractive things and skins, but we also should know about the budget. The budget that we could spend on the needy things of our life and not for the virtual game. If you do have enough budget, then you are free to explore and buy new things that will be enlisted to your list of purchases on the website.

The website has been launched by Riots for the diehard fans of the League of Legend game. Go and visit the website, log into the website to see the timeline of your previous purchases.

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