How To Get Free UC In Pubg Mobile (Working method)

Free UC In Pubg Mobile – Hey guys if you are desperate to know how you can Get Free UC in Pubg mobile Without any effort so here I am going to tell you an effortless trick to get Free Pubg UC.

I hope you know about UC it is actually Unknown Cash of PUBG. you can use UC for purchasing any Gun Skin, bag, pan Free skin and you can also use UC for upgrading to elite royale pass so you can get benefits of royale

before providing tricks I just want to give you a piece of advice There is no generator or tool working for getting UC For free, they all are fake for earning a good amount of money by fooling you So do not fall into this.

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How To Get 100 uc For Free

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  1. First of all Download Any VPN which provides You To Connect IsraelRegion. (VyprVPN Recommended)
  2. Now Open Yor pubg mobile
  3. Goto the event option.
  4. click on Returner
  5. Now Goto the Return Gift Pack
  6. Now Click On Collect Option.
  7. You will Get an M416 Skin, 100 UC, Backpack skin, a Girl Dress and 5 premium create.

Note: This Trick is Valid For 3 more days. Collect uc now.

pubg return gift pack


60 UC for Free

How To Get 200 UC for Free In Pubg Mobile

  1. so, first of all, go to the bonus reward option.
  2. Now Click On + Option
  3. Now Click On Redeem and purchase 1000 battle coins in 100 UC.
  4. Again Purchase 1000 battle coins in 100 uc, so now you invested 200 UC for the 2000 battle points.
  5. so now here are the tricks, collect all 2000 battle points in your in-game mail.
  6. now goto the bonus reward redeem option and buy 300 UC Pack.
  7. Now Goto your in-game mail and collect 300 UC from There.
  8. Follow the same step and collect 300 UC for free.
  9. you can only redeem 300 UC pack for 2 times max.
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How To Get Free Uc In Pubg Mobile Season 11

If You Want to know how to get free uc in pubg mobile season 11, then follow below mention step to get free uc pubg mobile season 11.

  1. First Of All Click On S11 Below Your Profile.
  2. Simply click on Purch UC
  3. Now Click On First Option 60 UC In 79 rupees
  4. Now click on Continue.
  5. Now Choose Redeem Code Option
  6. Now Use This Coupon Code – 01GF-FMB9-953C-L8BG (Change the last 2 Sequence If This Code not working)
  7. Now Click on Confirm Account.
  8. Now You can see Your google wallet credited with 110 uc trick
  9. simply Click on 1 Tap Buy.
  10. You have successfully bought 60 uc In Free.
  11. Repeat the above step 10 times.
  12. You Can Simply upgrade your elite royal pass For without any app.

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How To Get 60 UC for Free In Pubg Mobile

so, first of all, I want to tell you that this free uc trick will only work if you get the google play $1 credit on your Gmail account. For Checking this you have to follow these simple steps.

  1. So, first of all, go and check your all Gmail accounts, you will find this email on the promotion section.
  2. if you got the same mail by google play then you are eligible for getting 60 UC for 1 doller credit
  3. now simply click on claim offer
  4. now 1 dollar is credited into your google play account
  5. stay login with the same email id
  6. now open pubg mobile
  7. now click UC+ Sign
  8. and simply click on 0.99$ 60 uc free tricks
  9. now click on buy now
  10. complete the purchase and you can see 60 UC on your dashboard.

How to Get 600 UC In Just Rs 40

  1. First Of All Logout From All Gmail Account with you are logged in
  2. Now Login with at least 2-month-old Gmail accounts.
  3. now go to setting>Installed Apps>Play Store> Clear all data
  4. Now Open PUBG Mobile
  5. Now Click On S5 Below Your Profile.
  6. Simply Click on Purchase UC Now
  7. Now Click On First Option 60 UC In 79 rupees
  8. Now click on add net banking option
  9. fill all given details [fake details]
  10. after all these steps simple click on Back Button
  11. now you will get the 75 Off popup on your screen
  12. now pay 4 rupees
  13. simply follow these step over and over till 600 UC ( you have to log in with 10 different 2-month-old accounts)
  14. Now Click On Rp
  15. Click on Upgrade
  16. Now tap Anywhere to upgrade your elite royal pass

Free Uc VPN Trick Pubg Mobile

  1. First Of All Download Any VPN that works with pubg mobile
  2. Now Connect To Turkey Server
  3. Now Open Your Pubg Mobile
  4. Go to Setting
  5. Change Region To Turkey.
  6. Now Turn Of The Vpn
  7. Now Goto Events
  8. now buy UC And Get Extra 1000UC
  9. Free Uc

    Free royal pass pubg mobile without any app

    well, You can earn UC ByPlaying Crew Challange in pubg or you can get it in 2 ways:-

    1- Upgrade to elite pass and rank up. You can get some UC by this for free but you only have to pay for an elite pass.

    2- You have to buy it. You can buy UC from in-game purchases.

     Pubg Mobile UC Generator

    Please keep in mind that there is no Genuine UC Generator Available On the internet, all are fake and making money by fooling you, so don’t fall in the trap and never download any app in the name of Human verification.

     Free UC Through Bonus Challenge

    free uc

    How To Get Free UC In Pubg Mobile Redeem Code



    So This Is All About How You can get free uc in pubg mobile, hope you found this article helpful, please refer this article to your friends and let them know how they can get free uc in pubg mobile.

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