How to get gemstones

League of Legends: How to get gemstones

League of Legends is a quite confusing crafting game. It is tough to earn gemstones in the Hextech crafting process. So today we will tell you, how to earn gemstones in League of Legends.

First of all, the main question is What are gemstones?

Gemstones are crafting material that can earn through Hextech crafting but its not an easy task at all. If you are facing difficulties in collecting gemstones then you can buy it from Riot points.

But this is not the best method we all know, so if you are a newcomer and are facing difficulties in getting gemstones then we will help you with further understanding.

How to get Gemstones?

The best ways to earn gemstones without investing a single penny.

Hextech chests

This is the main way to get Gemstone from Hextech chests. You have to get a rank S or above to get Hextech chests but to open these Hextech chests, you need the Hextech keys. But still, because of low drop rates, you will not get gemstones easily. Its drop rate is only 0.4%.

Masterwork Chests

This is the premium version Hextech chests that can be acquired by Riot points which you have to purchase from the store. Just because of its premium features, they provide more rewards. Masterwork chests have high drop rates as compared to Hextech chests. Its drop rate is approx. 3.6% to 4%.

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Level up

I think this is the best way to earn some gemstones. But is not an easy task at all. If they are providing you a gemstone, then they will take a lot of time from you. You have to reach up to level 150 to earn a gemstone and a gemstone by clearing more 50 levels and so on. Means 150= 1 gem, 200=2 gem, 250=3 gem, and so on. For this, you have to give a lot of time to this game.


There are various types of events in this game from where you can earn gemstones. There is no fixed date for any event. The event requires event tokens, in some events, you can directly purchase gemstone from event tokens and in some, you have to purchase loot boxes from that tokens and there is some possibility of getting gemstone from that box.

Essence Emporium Event

This is an event that happens only one time in a year. Here you can purchase Essence emporium for 1,50,000 Blue Essence. You can purchase different icons in 50,000, 75,000, 1,00,000 Blue Essence. You can get Gemstones as a bonus for buying these icons.


So these are the methods through which you can get gemstones in League of Legends. But if you don’t want to do all these, then you have to use your credit card and have to purchase Riot points from money.

We have explained all the methods, if you know any other way to get gemstones then please comment below and express your views.

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