How to Get Prestige Point 2020

League of Legends: How to Get Prestige Point 2021

Like other games, we are seeing that users have some different craze for the game ‘League of Legends’. This is also an addictive game and peoples are getting excited to get prestige points so that they can reach to the extra mile.

So today in this article, We will tell you how to Get Prestige points in league of legends.

Users are taking a lot of interest in the popular game ‘League of Legends’. Users are trying hard to get Prestige points in the game. If you are unable to get prestige points, you can also get it from the store by paying money.

The main aim to get prestige points is to get skins and from that, they can play games in different avatars.

Prestige points are just like a currency from which you can purchase new skins from the store to play with their favorite Avatars. 

How to get Prestige Points?


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There are some ways, from where you can earn prestige points. The above methods are mentioned below.

# Clearing missions

This is the best method to get prestige points in the game. You have to pay a single penny to get prestige points.

League of Legends is giving a mission to its players, if players are able to complete the mission, they will be rewarded with some event tokens. These event tokens can be used for many ways like to get skins, icons, Hextech keys, and Prestige points.

So this is the best way to get prestige points without investing money. You just have to clear missions in a regular way and you will be rewarded for that.

#Masterwork Chests

This is another way to get prestige points. Masterwork chests are available in the store from where you get prestige points.

You will get a Masterwork Chest at 165 Riot points and you will get a discount if you will go to buy more than one bundle. Here you have not to invest a lot of time playing the game and clear the mission. You can go directly and get prestige points to get new skins.

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#Event passes

This is another way to get prestige points. League of Legends launch the event passes anytime in a year. There is no fixed time for launching the event passes.

You can purchase prestige points from the event shop. You can purchase 100 prestige points only one time in the event.

How to buy prestige points from the online store?

We have seen this question multiple times asked by the players. They want to know, how to buy prestige points online.

  • First of all, you have to click on the store icon on the dashboard.
  • A new interface will open, click on the Loot option there.
  • Now, you will get to see Masterwork Chests bundle there. You will see three Masterwork Chests there of different costs.

Now you have to choose a Masterwork Chest as per your requirements. In the first chest, you will get 1 chest, 1 key, and one prestige point for 225 Riot points.

In the second chest, you will get 5 chests and keys with 6 prestige points for 1125 Riot points.

In the third chest, you will get 11 chests and keys with 13 prestige points. This is the most costly chest, for which you have to purchase €20 of Riot points if you have no Riot points in your account.

Another method for purchasing prestige points is pop-up ads. You will get pop-up ads on your game screen. If you want to buy, then you can directly click on that ad and complete the process.


So, these are the way to get prestige points in the game League of Legends. Collecting prestige points is not an easy task at all, you have to work harder to gain it.

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With some new events, players are taking more interest to play this game. So if you have not played this game yet, you should play this game for an amazing experience.

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