How To Get Rename Card For Free In Pubg Mobile 2020

How to Get Rename Card Name In PUBG Mobile – Hey Guys if you are looking for how you can change your name on Pubg mobile then here I am sharing 5 different ways of getting an unlimited Rename card on Pubg mobile. if you want to upgrade your royale pass for freethen you can also find a detailed article about it on our website.

For Changing your name You need an ID Card or you can say, Rename Card, Below, we are providing the complete guide about how you can get another rename card in pubg mobile.

How To Change Name In Pubg

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First of All, I Want To Talk about How You Can Change Your Pubg Names and clan names, So This Is very Easy You Just Have To Follow This Below Mention method. Alternatively, you can watch below mention videos to watch the tutorial.

  1. If you want to change your name, then you need a Name Change card on inventory.
  2. you can go to inventory by clicking on the inventory option.
  3. Now,  open the ‘Box’ Item at the bottom.
  4. you can use the Name Change card to make your name changes as you desired.

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How To Get Another Rename Card In Pubg

so what if you want to change your PUBG names for the second time, as you know after the 10th level you get your first pubg name card but after using this card how you can change your names for the second time? so here is the answer…↓

  1. First of all, Go to the chat option on your home dashboard
  2. now goto home option (Scroll down you will find this option at last)chat room pubg
  3. now simply click on create and name it anything
  4. and send any messages here.
  5. now goto achievement and grab names card or simply click on collect all.
  6. now goto inventory and use this card for changing names.

Below we also posted a video about how you can change your Name in Pubg mobile.

How to Get Unlimited Rename card In PUBG Mobile

1) By Playing Crew Challange  

Hey, Guys, you can also get unlimited rename cards by playing crew challenges daily. you just have to try to kill as many enemies you can kill and try to survive till last, revive your teammates and take health as many times you can take. for Getting, Crew Point chicken dinner is not compulsory. So by playing, you can earn up to 400 crew points daily.

How to get Rename card Using Crew Points

  1. First of all, simply go to the crew Option
  2. After that Goto the Shop option.
  3.  now as you can see in the image you can get rename card by investing 200 crew points.
  4. if you have that many crew points hen simply click rename card and get your rename card for free in pubg mobile.

How to play Crew Challange 

so as you can see in Mortal stream they are daily playing crew challenge around 6-8 pm. for playing Crew challenge you first have to register your crew by going to the crew challenge option. you need at least 6 people with whom you can play crew challenge at the given time. you just have to be ready with your squad at the given time.

crew challange rename card

you can also earn some quick money by playing Pubg tournament, for playing tournament you can join any pubg tournament WhatsApp group or there are apps who is running a daily basis tournament so you can earn some money by playing these tournaments and you can use this money for purchasing UC and after that, you can buy rename card.

Note: If you don’t know how to get free uc then check How To Purcahse UC by paytm step by step Guide.

2) By Playing India bonus Challange  

so basically here you can earn some quick battle coins and also you can change these coins to unlimited Rewards. so for getting battle coins, you have to register yourselves for the India bonus challenge and after that just be on time and play the battle. try to kill your enemy and survive till the last for more battle coins. you can earn up to 300 battle coins for playing 1 match only. and you can use these battle coins for purchasing skins and converting them to Real UC.

How To Participate

For Participating in India Bonus Challange You have To register For the gameplay at the announced time. here all the players will be divided into groups based in their highest tier reached. you have to come early because if you miss the start of the match you will not be able to join.

Scoring rules

your score and the amount of battle points you earn in a match depends on rank, the total number of participants and you rank and kill in the match.

Fair Competition

those who cheat will be disqualified and their benefits revoked.


So here is the best method to get pubg rename card for free, I hope these trick works for you to get an unlimited pubg rename card. if this method works for you please share it with your friends and family. and if you want to know the best pubg emulators then also check this article – 5 Best PUBG Mobile Emulators in 2019 For PC & Mac.


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