M416 – Stats, Best Attachments & Tips To Control Recoil

Hello Pubg Mobile Folks, I Know Many Of Us Like M416 For Long, mid And Close Range Fight But We Don’t Know The Exact Stats Of m416 Gun, is it Works With Every Situation? What’s the Damage Of m416, Best Compatible Attachments For m416?

Below We Are Going To Provide Every possible Detail Related To m416, I hope this article helps you To Find out The Gun Details.


M416 – Assault Rifle (AR) Weapon Stats

Here are the m416 Assault Rifle Stats, m416 power, m416 Recoil, m416 Range, m416 Firing Speed, M416 Ammo Type, and Magzine Size.

Power: 43 / 100
Recoil: 36 / 100
Range: 56 / 100
Firing Speed: 80 / 100
Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
Magazine Size: 30 | 40
Ammo Type: 5.56mm

M416 Attachments List

Here is the list Of All Compatible Attachments list. (All Supporting Muzzle, Grip, magazines, Sight And Stocks List)

M416 Compatible Muzzle

 Suppressor Suppressor
Flash hiderFlash Hider

M416 Compatible Grip

verticle ForegripVertical Foregrip
Half GripHalf Foregrip
Light GripLight Grip
Angled ForegripAngled Foregrip
Thumb GripThumb Grip
Laser SightLaser Sight

M416 Compatible Magazines 

Extended MagExtended Mag
Extended + quickdraw MagExtended QuickDraw Mag
 quickdraw MagQuickDraw Mag

M416 Compatible Sight 

Red DotRed Dot

M416 Compatible Stocks

Tactical StockTactical Stock

All Compatible Attachments

6xScope (Red Dot, Holo, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x)
Flash hiderFlash Hider
verticle ForegripVertical Foregrip
Half GripHalf Foregrip
Light GripLight Grip
Angled ForegripAngled Foregrip
Thumb GripThumb Grip

M416 Best Attachment

After Playing From Season 2, According To my Experience if you Want to Use m416 As a primary Assaulter Then you must Choose the Right Attachments, As We Know m416 Is Almost Compatible with Many attachments.

M416 can equip the highest amount of attachments ( 4 Attachments) in all Assault Rifles (AR) in pubg mobile, that is the Reason This gun can function on Every Situation.

This gun Can Accept More than 10+ Attachments, So question Is What Is the 4 Most Compitable attachments For m416, So According To me These ↓ Attachments Are Best Compitable With m416.

Componsator+Vertical Foregrip+Extended QuickDraw Mag+Tactical Stock+Red Dot, 3x, 6x.

Compensator –  Compensator Can Control The Horizontal Recoil and Vertical Recoil of the gun.

Quickdraw Extended Mag (AR) – Qucik+mag Can Minimize the Reloading speed and maximize the Magazine capacity.

Tact Stock – tact Stock can Reduce the Recoil Of the gun and minimize the Weapon Size.

Vertical Foregrip – vertical foregrip Can reduce vertical recoil by 15% and recoil pattern by 20%.

I Noticed many Pro Players like Soul Mortal, Fnatic Owais, Fnatic Scoutop And Jonathan Also using The Same Attachments For The m416.

SightRed Dot, 3x, 6x
GripVertical Foregrip
MagazinesExtended QuickDraw Mag
Stocks‎Tactical Stock

How To Control M416 Recoil

Goto Training mode And Choose m416 with The suggested Attachments and Train yourSelf For half Hour until you Started Controlling The Recoil.


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