ORmavi Pubg Id, Sensitivity Controls, device, stats and Biography

PUBG mobile has become favorite games of game lovers and even many of the players have become professional in PUBG. Everyone wants to know how they play like a pro, which device they use, how much they earned from PUBG, and about their sensitivity settings.


In this article we will find out some information about a professional player ORmavi. Mavi is a very famous PUBG player who currently plays for the team OR (Orange Rock). He also has played for the team INDIAN TIGERS on 01/05/19 to 08/08/19. On 08/08/19 he joined the team Orange Rock.

His real name is Harmandeep Singh. Mavi has got 1st rank in NIMO TV Battleground 2020, 2nd rank in PMCO Spring Split 2020 (India), 3rd rank in Super Heroes Battle India, 3rd rank in PMCO Spring Split 2019 (India), 6th rank in PMCO Spring Split 2019 (Global – Prelims).

 Ormavi’s Short biography

Real name  Harmandeep Singh
Country India
Date of birth No information
Pubg Name ORmavi
Pubg Id number 537921262
Team name Orange Rock
Mavi’s role IGL, Assaulter
Controls 2 Thumb controller
Email [email protected]
Instagram Id Mavi.Harman
Device iPhone
Youtube Toxic Mavi

ORmavi’s biography

ORmavi’s real name is Harmandeep Singh belongs to India. He is a thumb controller in PUBG. ORmavi is a leader in the OR esport team.

ORmavi’s real Name

Harmandeep Singh.

ORmavi’s character Id


ORmavi’s religion


ORmavi’s device


ORmavi’s control

2 Thumb controller

ORmavi’s age

No information

ORmavi’s contact information

Email- [email protected]

ORmavi’s Youtube

ORmavi’s YouTube channel is Toxic Mavi. He created his channel on 23rd March 2014. He has 127k+ Subscribers but he does not upload more on his channel.

ORmavi’s popularity rating in Pubg


ORmavi’s total Earnings


ORmavi’s social media

Instagram: Mavi.Harman

OR Mavi has 39.9k+ followers on his Instagram account.

Who are ORmavi’s teammates

Viru (Viren Mahipalsingh Gour), Anto (Joe Michael Anto), Daljitsk (Daljit Singh), Vampire, and John.

Orange Rock Roster

Harmandeep Singh Mavi IGL
Viren Mahipalsingh Gour Viru assaulter
Joe Michael Anto Anto Entry Fragger,Assualter
Daljit Singh Daljit Sniper
N/A Vampire Support,Assaulter

Substitute – John

ORmavi Sensitivity Settings

1st Person Camera – 300

Camera – 100

3rd Person Camera – 300

3rd Person

 No scope

120 1st Person No scope 120
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 83 2× Scope 32
3× Scope 20 4× Scope 20
6× Scope 17  8× Scope 12

ORmavi ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope 172 1st Person No Scope 172
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 53 2× Scope 50
3× Scope 18 4× Scope 20
6× Scope 10 8× Scope 14

ORmavi Gryscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope 300 1st Person No Scope 300
Red Dot, Holographic 30 2× Scope 300
3× Scope 300 4× Scope 272
6× Scope 52 8× Scope 60

ORmavi PUBG Control layout

or mavi layout

ORmavi season-wise k/d ratio

Season K/d ratio
Season 9 6.7
Season 8 8.13
Season 7 0.00
Season 6 9.54
Season 5 12.08
Season 4 12.12
Season 3 8.33
Season 2 1.53

 ORmavi achievements

Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Prize won
6/5/20 1st


Minor  NIMO TV Battleground Season 1



OR $1,000
26/4/2020 7th Minor India Today League PUBGM Invitational OR


20/4/20 1st




19/4/20 8th Minor PMPM- Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 2 OR $600
23/2/20 2nd Minor PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2020: India OR $1,600
19/1/20 7th Minor Mafia Cup

Season 1

OR $1,40.8
22/12/19 12th Major  Mobile PUBG All-Stars India 2019 OR $701
20/10/19 2nd Major PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 OR $28,571.43
29/9/19 1st Qualifier PUBG Mobile Club Open- Fall Split South Asia Group Stage OR $600
15/6/19 3rd Major PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split: India OR $20,000


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