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Best Melee Weapons, Primary Weapons and Secondary Weapons in Warframe 2020

Warframe 2020 is undoubtedly the most popular and action-packed third-person shooter game. Being a role-playing game, it has got all the exciting gameplay to make you stick to the gameplay. When you first launch the game, you would be asked to load yourself with some useful weapons to tackle down the enemies. To give you more information about the game, check out this article with the Best Warframe Melee Weapons.

We would suggest you to not focus on the high-end or top-tier weapons since the weapons require some prior knowledge and skills to handle them. For beginners, the top-tier weapons are not useful as they don’t know how to use them and how they can get benefited from it.

Out of the different types of weapons, Melee Weapons in the Warframe games are unique and every new player of the game should know about the best Warframe Melee Weapons. Get on to the details now:

Best Warframe Melee Weapons

  • Atterax

Attrax is a Grineer Bladed weapon that looks pretty odd if you haven’t seen it before. This tool is used as an execution tool which can damage a lot to the enemy’s area. The attack speed of this tool is a little bit slow and hence it requires some prior skills to use it.

  • Galatine Prime

Galatine Prime is a premium version of the Galatine Sword which looks unique and served unique power. The tool can be used during the critical time when the enemies come closer to you. It can damage more than the standard swords.

  • Orthos Prime

The Orthos Prime is a premium version of the Orthos polearam. The Prime Orthos was introduced with the 9.0 update of the game. It’s a more powerful and upgraded version of the existing Orthos.

  • Nikana Prime

Warframe has got many Nikana editions. The Nikana Prime is the latest edition to the game which is also an upgraded version to the standard Nikana. It is more powerful than the Dragon Nikana of the same game.

  • War

War is the most powerful version of Sword in the game. This weapon is used for primary damage can be used with other weapons to battle against the enemies. This weapon is compatible with all the other weapons so that you can use it whenever needed.

Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

If you are a beginner and just started playing the game, then you must focus on the basics or we can say Primary Weapons of the game. Primary Weapons are familiar and you can easily get used to it. However, they also need some practice before you can master them.

  • Soma Prime (MR6): Top speed Fire Rate and can give critical damage to opponents.
  • Ignis Wraith (MR9): Low Ammo Capacity But Highly Effectivegun.
  • Sybaris Prime: One Of The Best Close Combat Weapons.
  • Tigris Prime (MR13): Very High Damage shotgun.
  • Vaykor Hek (MR12 Shotgun): Fast Rate Fire, You can get this gun via trading.
  • Hek: a Shot Gun With Very High Damage, 
  • Baza: Good accuracy Gun With Decent Damage. 
  • Dread: Very high critical chance.
  • Tiberon Prime: three round burst-fire rifle
  • Rubico Prime: This is My Favourite Gun, Good For Close Combat, Very High Damage, and a highly rated gun by critics.

Best Secondary Weapons in Warframe

Many people don’t aware of the actual gameplay and they jumped for the victory. You have to practice a lot to make the game worthy. You can’t achieve good things in a short period and for that reason, you need to understand the different types of weapons of the game. Let’s Know About some Secondary Guns In Warframe.

  • Pandero: Very high damage, fast reloading but fire Rate is not Good for long ranges.
  • Sicarus Prime: Fast Fire Rate, Decent damage, and most importantly larger magazines.
  • Lex Prime: Slow, powerful But deadly.
  • Staticor: Wide explosion radius.
  • Akstiletto Prime: highly accurate, Dual Pistol, fastest fire rate & fast reload time. Most Importantly No Recoil High Efficient machine gun pistol.
  • Akbronco Prime: double the magazine capacity BUt Slow Fire Rate.
  • Atomos: Grineer particle cannon
  • Synoid Gammacor: Very Effective.
  • Pyrana Prime: higher critical stats, faster reload, Decent Damage But Slow Fire rate.
  • Euphone Prime: high impact damage And Very accurate.


The Best Warframe Melee, Primary, and secondary Weapons 2020 enlisted above were introduced with the latest version of the game. All of these weapons are highly useful to conquer the game. All you have to do is practicing a lot with them.

Apart from the Melee Weapons, the game has got plenty of other weapons which include shotguns, pistols, snipers, bow weapons, and more. Explore the list and find out the best Melee Weapons now!

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