Mobile Legends Estes Best Build

Mobile Legends Estes Best Build 2021

Mobile Legends is a popular game because of some challenging tasks and different characters. So today we will talk about Estes and its best Build.

Estes is a popular hero in Mobile Legends, which has some amazing skills to kill their enemies. Like all other heroes, Estes also has 4 skills of which one is passive and the other are casters. The main attack of Estes is to target the enemy and slow them down, which makes it easier to kill them.

Now if we talk about his caster then Moonlight Immersion is his first caster that helps in restoring HP and the main skill is to do magic damage by slowing down the enemy. If a user wants to win with more ease then they should use some builds to win the battle. So today in this article, we will tell the Mobile Legends Estes Best Build 2020.

Mobile Legends: Best Builds 2021

# Guardian Relic

This is one of the best items for Estes that will help you to increase the magic power of Estes. This item will help to increase the power or skills that will help to attack 15% more power so that they can kill their enemies easily. When the attack power will increase, it will be quite helpful to kill enemies with fewer efforts.

# Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes are always helpful for all the characters in Mobile Legends. This item will help to do a 10% cooldown reduction and the main thing is to improve the movement speed by 40%. With these magic shoes, it will be quite easier for the Estes to reach their enemies quickly and kill their enemies before they start to react. So always buy this item when you are fighting with Estes.

# Ice Queen Wand

This is the main item that Testes should look for. With this item, Testes can slow down their enemy by 15% and can attack easily. The effect of that magic lasts up to 3 seconds and can be stacked only 2 times. This item increases the magic power by 75 and will also increase the movement speed by 7%. We can say that it is a complete package for your hero.

# Blood Wings

As we know that if we are fighting with someone, we will also lose some power, and to recover that power, Blood Wings are quite necessary to buy. With this item, a user can increase the magic power by 150 points and will also get 150 HP points.

# Enchanted Talisman

We should pick this item at the top because of its amazing qualities. With this item, a user will get 150 Magic power to kill enemies with very little effort and users will also get the benefits of 250 HP. The 20% cooldown reduction feature makes this item more reliable.


So these are the best Estes builds in the Mobile Legends game. With these power items, you can easily kill your enemies with fewer efforts and will also help to regain power when it decreases.

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