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Myth Fortnite Mouse settings, Keybinds, Gaming Gear And Biography

Myth is a popular American gamer famous for his amazing skills and techniques in the game. He was born on 24 May 1999 in Michigan, US. His real name is Ali Kabbani. He is a famous twitch star and is very active on social media platforms.

He has his own YouTube channel which has 4.54 million subscribers. He became more popular after playing Fortnite games where he was beating 99 peoples most of the time with his gaming techniques and dedications.

He had also played other games like League Of Legends, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many more.

At the age of 4, he started playing games and in 2007, the Fortnite was launched. He was getting amazing increments in his Twitch followers. As we all know he was one of the best players of the Fortnite.

He had taken the bold move in his career by not joining the college. Myth had a lot of pressure from his family but he was dedicated to his career and he has only one dream to become a successful gamer. At first, his family had not accepted his decision, but after getting some success, they started supporting him.

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After seeing his performance in the games, TSM an American sports organization that is famous for its games signed him. From there he started the new journey of his life. It was the biggest success for him because he was a fan of TSM in his childhood. After that, he earned a lot of name and money.


TSM Myth Short Biography

tsm myth

TSM Myth Achievements

Myth has more than 5 million followers on Twitch

Myth has more than 5 million followers on Twitch

Myth has more than 5 million followers on Twitch

He own YouTube channel which has 4.54 million subscribers

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TSM Myth Teammates




Darryle Hamlin

Karman Sidhu

Anthony Colandro

How much Myth earn?

Myth has a lot of followers on social media platforms. Twitch and YouTube are the main platforms where Myth was earning a good amount. Let’s explore both of these platforms.

Myth has more than 5 million followers on Twitch, from which he was earning a good income by streaming videos. He was earning approx. $7,500 monthly from this platform and Twitchers are also earn from the donation and ad revenue.

Myth has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube and he was getting almost 1,00,000 views per day of his videos. From there, he was earning almost $ 15,000 monthly.   

Myth was earning extra income from the promotion and sponsorship.

TSM Myth Gaming Gear

will update

Myth Fortnite Mouse Settings

  • DPI


  • X-Axis Sensitivity


  • Y-Axis Sensitivity


  • Hz


  • Targeting Sensitivity


  • Scope Sensitivity


Myth Keybindings

  • Wall


  • Floor

    Mouse 5

  • Stairs


  • Roof


  • Trap

    Mouse 4

  • Use


  • Building Edit


  • Reload / Rotate


  • Crouch


  • Sprint By Default


  • Inventory


  • Map


  • HUD Scale


  • Brightness


  • Color Blind Mode

    Protanope 0

  • NVIDIA Settings


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