New k/d Rules In PUBG Mobile | Stop Camping šŸ›‘

As you know that the update of PUBG Season 13 has Just come and you must have read the PUBG patch notes, If Not then Let me tell you this time, PUBG tried very hard to improve his game, including a K/D ratio section.

If you have not read the Patch notes yet then let Me tell you some important things About the update.

Miramar map is very popular in PUBG PC, but not many people used to play this map in PUBG mobile, that is why Pubg Mobile has tried to Improve it a lot In this Update.

Just Look at the few Important Things You Are Going To See In Pubg Mobile Miramar Map.

  • a race track
  • Oasis has been added
  • New Miramar Map Vehicle: Golden Mirado (only 1 in Spawn)
  • New Vending Machine: Get Energy Drinks or Painkillers
  • Sandstorm effects
  • Miramar Main Menu Theme
  • Miramar Events
  • new Miramar achievements

So Basically This Time PUBG mobile tried very hard to make Miramar map interesting, let’s hope players also play Miramar Map Like Erangle.

Well If You are not a Miramar Player then Don’t Worry Pubg Mobile Brings Some Improvements for all classic mode also, just look at it:-

  • Added Canted Sight (compatible with almost all assault rifles)
  • Point Protection Matches

I Love This Update Because When You killed By Hackers and All Your Points got Reduced, I Can Feel You But after this update All of your points which got deducted will return to you and you will get the in-game mail about that. but for this, you may wait for some time and never forget to Report the Cheaters whenever you feel that you killed by a hacker.

  • New Results Screen UI
  • Settings Improvements
  • Sensitivity settings are now stored in the cloud
  • Death Replay Improvements
  • Weapon and Attachment Improvements
  • Firearm Balancing

The spread range ofĀ  Shotguns has been slightly reduced.

K/D Statistic Improvements

This Is One the Most Important Update of Pubg Mobile, before that you can See a Lot of Players and Streamer maintaining the 8+ Kd, Now it’s Almost Impossible To Maintain a High K/d Ratio In Pubg Mobile, Because Of This New Update.

First K/d Ratio Calculated based On Kill/Death ratio.

example:-Ā  So assume you played your first match and you died after taking 3 kills, then your K/D will be 3

and the next match you got 5 kills and Got a Chicken Dinner Without Dying, Your K/D will be 4.

so Earlier It does not matter how many kills you had but if you don’t die till the end and get Few Kills then You can easily maintain 3-4+ K/D.

But Now As per New k/d System the k/d calculation system change to Average Kill/Death per match.

Now it’s Going to be very tough for us to maintain a high K/d Ratio, mostly For Campers who earlier used to maintain 1+ kid, now after this update their K/d going to reduced to -1, Xd.

example:-Ā  So assume you played your first match and you died after taking 3 kills, then your K/D will be 3.

and the next match you got 7 kills and Got a Chicken Dinner Without Dying, Your K/D will be 5.

Tips:- So If You want to improve your k/d ration in pubg mobile then try to play passive push and kill a minimum of 5 enemies per matches, including BOT, LoL.

After this update if you are maintaining 4+ kd then in my opinion you are a pro player.

If you find this article Helpful then Please share this article with your teammates and let them know about the pubg season 13 new update.

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