Ph Novaking PUBG Id, name, Sensitivity Settings, Girlfriend and Biography

There is always a question in PUBG player’s mind, that who is the best player of PUBG. Many players play at an amazing level.

In this article we will find out about such a player Ph Novaking.

Ph Novaking PUBG

He is best known for his professional level of gaming skills. His real name is Rahul Dhankhar belongs to India. In this article we will find out about his Sensitivity settings, a device he used to play PUBG, his statics, and tier overview.

Ph Novaking’s Short biography

Real name Rahul Dhankhar
Nickname Nova
Country India
Relationship status  Single
Pubg Name PH • Novaking
Pubg Id number 565939622
Crew The Brawlers
Clan name Power House
Controls 4 finger + gyro
Role Assaulter
Instagram Id Novaking0
Device Phone Xs, Rog Phone 2
Email [email protected]
Religion Hindu

Ph Novaking’s biography

Nova plays for the team Ph (Power House). Audience calls him Novaking because Once his PUBG Id name was Nova, then he changed it as King, and again he mixed both of them as Novaking. He has won a lot of tournaments and scrims. He plays with his device Phone Xs Max, Rog Phone 2. He is better at 4 fingers + gyro control. He is also a YouTuber as his channel is growing too fast and the audience loves his contents.

Ph Novaking’s real Name

Rahul Dhankhar

Ph Novaking’s character Id


Ph Novaking’s religion


Ph Novaking’s device

 Phone Xs Max, Rog Phone 2

Ph Novaking’s control

4 fingers + gyro

Ph Novaking’s age

No information

Ph Novaking’s contact information

Email- [email protected]

Ph Novaking’s Youtube

His YouTube channel is Novaking. He has 3.17 lakh+ Subscribers on it where he mostly uploads regarding his gaming skills. Nova joined YouTube on 2nd November 2012. 

Ph Novaking Monthly Earning

 No information

Ph Novaking’s social media

Instagram: novaking0

He has 99.4k+ followers on his Instagram account.

Ph Novaking Sensitivity Settings

1st Person Camera – 300

Camera – 100

3rd Person Camera – 300

3rd Person

 No scope

120 1st Person No scope 104
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 30 2× Scope 24
3× Scope 14 4× Scope 12
6× Scope 8  8× Scope 10

Ph Novaking ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope 50 1st Person No Scope 51
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 20 2× Scope 25
3× Scope 24 4× Scope 30
6× Scope 12 8× Scope 12

Ph Novaking Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope 300 1st Person No Scope 300
Red Dot, Holographic 300 2× Scope 300
3× Scope 240 4× Scope 235
6× Scope 20 8× Scope 80

 Ph Novaking Claw Controls

novaking claw controls

Ph Novaking Kd Ratio And Statistics

We will have a look on the Kd ratio of his squad matches as he mostly plays Squad matches.

Season Match Played K/d Ratio Most kills
1. N/A N/A N/A
2. 25 2.21 06
3. 968 2.33 16
4. 609 2.83 13
5. 441 3.47 15
6. 164 4.01 21
7. 00 0.0 00
8. 185 5.9 18
9. 232 5.21 16
10. 925 3.9 30
11. 684 4.693 19
12. Updating Updating Updating

PH Roster

Bomber IGL
Zebra Assaulter
Unkown Dark Frontline Assaulter
Rahul Dhankhar Novaking Sniper
Vinay Gahlot Iconic Support

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