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Panda Sensitivity Settings, Character Id, Device, Real Name and Biography

Panda’s real name is Tobias Naslund. He is a professional Pubg mobile player. His highest rank in Pubg mobile is conquerer. He is also known as Blue panda because he has two youtube channels, panda and blue panda. He was born in Sweden on 19th June 1997.

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He has changed his flag from Sweden to Indian on YouTube because most of his subscribers are from India. He has never played any Pubg Tournament and Crew Challenge. He doesn’t belong to any clan.


 Panda’s Short biography

Real nameTobias Naslund
Place of birthSweden
Age22 years
Pubg NamePanda
Pubg Id number5178659321
Clan nameNot in a clan
Controls4 fingers claw
Email[email protected]
Instagram Idpubgmobile_panda

Panda’s biography

He is a professional Pubg player and Youtuber. He is 22 years old who belongs to Swedish. He plays with his iPad with 4 fingers control. He hasn’t joined any clan yet.

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Panda’s real Name

Tobian Naslund

Panda’s character Id


Panda’s religion

Not known

Panda’s device


Panda’s control

4 Fingers claw

Panda’s age

22 years (as in 2020)

Panda’s contact information

Email- [email protected]

Panda’s clan

As per the information we have, he doesn’t belongs to any clan.

Panda’s Youtube channel

His YouTube channel is Panda. He has 5.87 million+ subscribers on his channel which he joined on 21 May 2018. His channel is growing so fast. His name comes in one of the best YouTubers.

Panda’s Instagram

His Instagram Id is pubgmobile_panda on which he has 1 million+ followers.

Panda’s total earnings

More than 2 million.

Panda’s Sensitivity Settings

1st Person Camera – 100

Camera – 70

3rd Person Camera – 100

3rd Person

 No scope

701st Person No scope70
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist362× Scope38
3× Scope224× Scope12
6× Scope14 8× Scope8

Panda’s ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope801st Person No Scope70
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist602× Scope60
3× Scope384× Scope30
6× Scope218× Scope8

Panda’s Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope1801st Person No Scope95
Red Dot, Holographic2202× Scope160
3× Scope1604× Scope116
6× Scope658× Scope30

Panda’s Claw setup

panda control setup

Panda’s Kd Ratio 

SeasonK/d Ratio
Season 13
Season 1211.82
Season 1114.69
Season 1013.99
Season 918.87
Season 813.82
Season 724.57
Season 626.22
Season 566.50
Season 4104.67
Season 314.60
Season 2

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