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PUBG Mobile Pro League – PMPL Spring Split 2021: Schedule, Teams, Points Table, Prize Pool

PMPL is the tournament where the top 20 teams are fighting to qualify for the PUBG Mobile World League Spring 2021 Eastern Division. Where You can see India’s Favourite Team Soul, TSM Entity and Fnatic. many other world-class Clan Also Participating in this tournament.

PMPL Means PUBG mobile Pro league Has Re-schedule After Canceling The tournament after 2 days of playing Because Of Coronavirus Pandemic.

So If You Still Don’t Know When PMPL Again Starts here We have All The answer to your queries.

Earlier It’s Schedule To 19th March – 5th April 2020 But due to the COVID-19 situation it’s postponed and it reschedule for 22 May 2021.

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PMPL 2021 Format

  • All match Played As Squad TPP
  • Total Number Of Teams – 20
  • Three Weeks Tournament
  • Each team plays 16 matches/week 
  • all Teams Divided Into 5 Groups
  • Only Online Formate due Coronavirus panadamic.
  • Teams Must play at There Bootcamp.
  • Per Week 4 Matchday (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  1. Thursday: 4x ABCD + 1x ACDE
  2. Friday: 3x ACDE + 2x BCDE
  3. Saturday: 2x BCDE + 3x ABCE
  4. Sunday: 1x ABCE + 4x ABDE
  • Only top 16 Teams Qualified For Finals
  • Only Top 3 of Teams qualified for PUBG Mobile World League Spring 2020 Eastern Division.

PMPL 2020 Prize Pool


1st rank – $10,000

2nd Rank – $8,000

3rd Rank – 6, 000

4th Rank – $4,000

5th & 6th Rank – $3,500

7th & 8TH Rank – $2,000

9Th to 12th Rank – $1500

13th to 16th Rannk – $1250

17th to 20th Rank – $1000


PMPL 2021 List Of Direct Qualified Team 


Naman Sandeep Mathur SoulmorTal Assaulter/Filter
Parv Singh SoulRaGaLTos IGL
Druv Sangwan SouLSangwaN Assaulter
Yash Paresh Soni SouLVipeR Assaulter/Support
Aman Jain SouLAmAn Middle man

TSM Entity

Pubg Id Real Name Role
TSMentGhatak Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare Support
TSMenNeyoo Suraj Nityanand Majumdar Assaulter
TSMentJONATHAN Jonathan Jude Amaral Cover
ZGOD Abhishek Choudhary Frontline Assaulter
ClutchGod Vivek Aabhas Horo IGL


Naresh Kumar seervi IGL
Shubham Singh Rawat shryder Support
Sujoy Das austinX Fragger
Manmeet Singh Ted Fragger
Kaushal Kumar itskk Starter

Team IND

Samir Choubey TeamINDKRATOS IGL
austubh Walia TeamINDTRANCE Entry Fragger
Raj Varma TeamINDSnax Frontline Assaulter
Kanishk Shah TeamINDSlayer Sniper & Filter
Manish Anand TeamINDLucifer Substitute

Power House (PH) Roster

Bomber IGL
Zebra Assaulter
Dark Frontline Assaulter
Rahul Dhankhar Novaking Sniper
Vinay Gahlot Iconic Support

PMPL 2021 Club Open India


Gopal Sarda  Hastar IGL
Chisin Raingaim Xz1st Assaulter
Shekhar Patil Smxkie Frontline Assaulter
Arshpreet Singh  Gill Sniper
Chetan Chandgude KronTen Support


Owais FNC . Owais IGL
Tanmay FNC . Scoutop Support/Scout
Harpreet Singh Janjuha Fnatic Ronak Frontline Assaulter
Ashish Bhatnagar Fnatic Ash Assaulter/Support
Gaurav Fnatic Franky Sniper/Assaulter

(UMEXRXN) UMumba eSports Rxn

Bhishma IGL
KikiOP assaulter
Destro Entry Fragger,Assaulter
Goldblade Sniper
Ibxn Support, Assaulter


ROXX assaulter
AshGamer Entry Fragger,Assaulter
Ultron Sniper
Attanki Support, Assaulter


Parichay Bansal Paradox IGL
Rishabh Katoch Encore assaulter
Arth Trivedi Vexe Entry Fragger,Assaulter
Rishabh Jain xSwag Assaulter

Team Tamilas

Striker IGL
MrSpray Assaulter
Maxy Assaulter
CarryOP Assaulter
MantyOP Assaulter

Orange Rock (OR)

Harmandeep Singh Mavi IGL
Viren Mahipalsingh Gour Viru assaulter
Joe Michael Anto Anto Entry Fragger, Assaulter
Daljit Singh Daljit Sniper
N/A Vampire Support, Assaulter

VSG Crawlers

Roach IGL
CG assaulter
Evoo Entry Fragger, Assaulter
Avii Sniper
HB Support, Assaulter


Maxkash IGL
Surya assaulter
Pansingh Entry Fragger,Assaulter
TheDUDE Sniper
SHADOW Support, Assaulter

Club Open South Asia


GurkhaaYT assaulter
Kamod Entry Fragger,Assaulter
SK49 Sniper
Prototype Support, Assaulter


Challa assaulter
GUNNER Entry Fragger,Assaulter
Xtreme Sniper
TBD Support, Assaulter


Shifu IGL
Wadu assaulter
Rated Entry Fragger,Assaulter
Illusion Sniper
CJ Support, Assaulter


Utsarga IGL
Niku assaulter
Viper Entry Fragger,Assaulter
Kazi Sniper
Captain Support, Assaulter


Harmandeep Singh MrHyozu IGL
Manzil Shrestha Orange assaulter
Sankalpa Gurung PooPooMan Entry Fragger, Assaulter
Shahil Verma OnTop Assaulter
Shagar Gurung Shagar Assaulter

Instinct Esports

Tear IGL
Machine assaulter
Evileye Entry Fragger, Assaulter
Badrev Assaulter
Kapshi Assaulter

Group Wise Team Splits

Group A

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  • TSM Entity 
  • Hype 
  • Celtz
  • Marcos Gaming

Group B

  • Team Soul 
  • Team Tamilas
  • Instinct Esports
  • VSG Crawlers

Group C 

  • Synergy
  • Meghastarts
  • Jyanmaara
  • Umumba Esports

Group D

  • Team IND
  • OR
  • Dead Eye Guys
  • Fnatic

Group E

  • PH
  • GODL
  • Team Xtream
  • Elementrix

PMPL Points Table 2021

Team Matches Played Points
U Mumba Esports 10 137
SynerGE 10 123
TSM Entity 8 121
TeamIND 10 111
Orange Rock 10 105
Fanatic 10 88
Power House 6 80
GodLike 6 72
Mega Stars 10 61
Team Tamilas 6 61
Jyan Maara 10 59
Team Xtreme 6 57
Celtz 8 57
SOUL 6 52
vsgCRAWLERS 6 45
Team Hype 8 42
Elementrix 6 42
Marcos Gaming 8 37
DeadEyes Guy 10 34
INES 6 12

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