PUBG Global Version without using VPN

How to play PUBG Global Version without using VPN | Server Hacks

There is a different craze of PUBG all over the world but it happens quite difficult for the users when it got removed from the Play Store, people’s got anxious when they were unable to play their favorite game on their mobile.

People had tried many tricks to play their favorite game again and the conclusion comes by using the VPN to play the game. Many users don’t want to use VPN to play the game, as it charges some amount for their premium feature. So it is again a big problem for the users and they have to find a solution to this problem.

After Microsoft Azure comes to the field, which is a gaming cloud service provider from Microsoft that will help to tackle the Google Stadia. They have provided the solution for downloading the PUBG from a different link, which will be an older version. So today in this article, we are providing you the download link for the PUBG game and we will also provide the necessary steps that you have to take before downloading it, or else it will create issues in downloading the game.

As we know that PUBG is a big game and consumes more space, so you should keep a thing in mind that you are using a fast and stable Internet connection, here we will recommend using Wi-Fi. For assuring your data safe, make sure that your account is linked to Facebook or somewhere else and the most important thing is that you need to uninstall the previous version of PUBG to download this version.

Download Link for PUBG 1.1.0

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So here is the download link of PUBG 1.1.0, you just have to tap on the link to download PUBG version 1.1.0 and enjoy the game without using VPN. So here is the link –

Download Link

How to Install PUBG 1.1.0?

Now we are providing you the complete step by step guide to install the application properly on your phone. So here are the steps –

  • First of all, you need to tap on the download link of PUBG 1.1.0 that we have given above.
  • Now just wait until the downloading finishes.
  • Now just move to the download folder and tap on the application file.
  • Before that, you need to enable the option ‘application from unknown resources’ from the Security option that you will get in the main Settings.
  • Now just comes to the installation page and tap on the Install button and wait until it finishes.
  • Now just open the application and it will start downloading resources of the game and you will able to play PUBG without using VPN.

That’s it, just follow all the steps to download PUBG 1.1.0 on your android smartphone.


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So, through this way, a user will able to play the PUBG Global version without using VPN. As it is not a tough task at all and with these steps you can enjoy your favorite game without any interruption and the need for a VPN. Still, if you have any doubts related to this article then you can ask us in the comment section and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.



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