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pubg mobile: Exclusive Maserati Ghibli Skin For Dacia

We’ve seen pubg mobile collaborating with brands in the beyond like bape, the new Godzilla film franchise, the strolling dead and plenty of extras.

Properly, we may want to quickly see but every other collaboration with automobile maker Maserati.

Youtuber Rey Lagarto has posted a video displaying the Chinese model of pubg mobile (recreation of peace) with new Maserati pores and skin for the Dacia.

The skin is, in reality, the Maserati ghibli, and it does look quite fancy. The video consists of a legit promotional clip highlighting the collaboration among the automobile organization and the cellular game.

The video continues to a gameplay clip displaying the brand new skin in action on the menu in addition to the game.

There are a complete of three finishes- Blue, Pink and Golden. consistent with the video description, the skin is meant to be exclusive, expensive to urge and it applies to the Dacia.

to urge your hands on the skin one has got to play a roulette mini-game and therefore the approximate cost of the skin is $150 to $200 dollars, with the golden version being the toughest to urge.

There is no confirmation whether the Dacia skin will make its thanks to the worldwide version of the sport, but it does look really classy. If it does, I’m pretty sure gamers are getting to attempt to get their hands on the new skin albeit it costs a couple of bucks.

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