top 10 pubg mobile players in the world

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Pro Players In The World – Rank Wise

Here I Am Going To Tell You the name of Best PUBGM Players in the World. This List Only Include my Opinion, If You are Not happy With My Rank Wise Pubg mobile Players list then you can Also Vote For your’s favorite Pubg mobile Players Below.

Top 10 Pubg Mobile players list According to Fans Vote

Top 10 pubg Mobile Players In the world (personal Opinion)

  1. TSM Entity Jonathan (India)

jonathan image

Right Now The Way he playing with just 2 Thumbs, it’s just Unbelievable. His Reaction Time, The Way he Controlled The Recoil, The Way he Gave The Cover Fire to his Teammates. He Is The Perfect Player For Any Team, His Close Range ability and Long Range Fire Power Make Him Even Stronger.

He Reached Conqueror In Season 3, season 4, and season 5. With 10+ Average K/d Ratio in all three Seasons. 

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His Overall Average K/D Ratio Is 7.41.

His Team Won PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia Region as well, where he Performed Really well and become the best fragger of the tournament.

2. BTR Zuxxy (Indonesia)

btr zuxxy image

He Is One Of The Best Player Of Indonesia, BTR Zuxxy Is The Member of Well Known PUBG Mobile Clan Bigetron eSports, where he played at the position as in-game Leader, His Rotation Call Is So perfect.

Zuxxy his Brother Luxxy, and His Team BTR Including Ryzen and Microboy Playing Skills Is Just Extra Ordinary. 

3. Paraboy (China)

XQF Paraboy

If You Think M16 is the Worst Assault Gun in Pubg, Then please just Watch His gameplay With M16. He Just knock And Finish The Enemy With Few perfect Shots. You Must Learn How To use M16 From Him. Not Only Mid Range fight with m16, but his Close Range fight Combat also Top notch.

4. Fnatic Scout Op (India)

fnatic scoutop

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Fnatic Scoutop is one of the best Assaulters, He is known For His M416+6x Spray. Earlier he Used To Play For TeamIND but right now he is playing Well Known Clan Fnatic.

5. RRQ D2E (Thailand)

6. RRQ G9


7. Biubiu (Malaysia)


8. MiTH Stoned (Thailand)

mith stoned

We All Know Mega Conqueror Right? The Way They Performed in the 2019 Tournament was Just Extra Ordinary. But Few Month back They Changed There Clan names To MiTH (Made In Thailand) and Mith Stoned Is One Of The Best Player Of the team MiTH.

9. Fnatic Owais (India)

owais image

Owais Is One Of The Best IGL along With ORMavi, But he Also Beast In Assaulting. His Team Fnatic Performing Really Well In Past Tournaments where He shows His Real Skills.

10. Soul Mortal (India)

SOUL mortal

He is One Of the Best Pubg mobile Players and PUBGM Streamer In India, How Can I Not Include him In this List. After all, PUBGM streaming became so famous in India because of Mortal. He has Almost 5 million Subscriber on youtube and 1.7M Followers on Instagram.

If We talk About his Pubg Mobile Gameplay, then he reached the Asia’s Top 3 Conqueror Player on Season 3. This Is Such A Big Achievement. Because Of Cheater It’s Not Even Possible To Touch the Conqueror mark.

If We Talk About His Esports Career Then Right Now his Team Not Performing Well But We Can’t deny That His Team Has The Potential To beat Any International Clan.

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If You Don’t Agree With our list then Please Vote For Your Favourite Player From Above. If your Favourite player Names Is not in the voting List Then Comment down below We Will Add them in the list so you can vote for your Favourite Pubg mobile Players.

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