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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most addictive game on the planet earth right now. The game has millions of its crazy fans across the globe as it is widely available for all gaming platforms including mobile and PC platforms. It’s a free-to-play survival game packs with all the awesomeness inside. You can either play as Solo or can play it by forming a team with the real-player. Today, we have brought up the lists of the Best PUBG Team Names for those who love to play the game with Multiplayer mode.

PUBG is a game that you will be cherished for years and for that reason, you need to think a little about the name of your squad. With the multiplayer mode, you can play the game by forming a team with the real player. You can also give impressive names to the team and the characters or we can say, players. The lists of the Best PUBG Team Names will help you to pick the suitable Team Name for the future journey.

Why should I worry about the Team Name in the PUBG game?

PUBG game is not a one-day journey. It’s an addictive game that is full of exciting stuff such as new gaming maps, powerful weapons, new outfits, and skins, etc. The game makes you more and more addicted to it as soon as you spare your time.

While creating a new account in the game, you will be given only one chance to add the name for your character and while forming a team. For the very same reason, you need to think about the suitable name for PUBG which will be your identity.

Your playmates would also get attracted if your gaming character has a unique and cool name. We have come to know about many of the PUBG players who are looking for a new cool name. Since it’s a battle royale game, you need to keep a name to scare your opponent or to make things exciting for others.

While creating a new account, you will be asked to sign up with a number of different options. If you don’t want to think much about the sign-up process, you can simply select Register with Facebook option to create your new PUBG account. The Facebook Profile name would be your PUBG’s name.

Your identity is the name of your and your team’s overall behavior. In the future, you will be known with your character and team’s name and not your original name. You must think about keeping an eye-catchy name for the PUBG Team.

How can I get the Best PUBG Team Names?

PUBG is all about playing the game as an Army man with all the power and equipment that a real Army man wears. It is important for you to keep a badass name to your PUBG Team that suits the Army Team. Not everyone is the same and for that reason, we have categorized the PUBG Team Names into different categories. Let’s find out the Best PUBG Team Names with different categories.

PUBG Team Names

Besides the above-given lists of different name categories for PUBG Teams, here we have listed down a fresh list of the Team Names with their meanings. A lot of players don’t know the actual meaning of their team name.

To give them the right information about the team name and their meaning, we have thought of creating a separate list of PUBG Team Names with Meanings. Let’s get on to the list and collect some useful information about the PUBG Team Names and their meanings.

PUBG Team Names with Meanings

  • Deathwish- The teammates will face the enemies till they die.
  • Black Panthers- Make yourself and your team proud by keeping the name after the black panther’s characters.
  • Black Widows- The team name for a group of girls.
  • Braindead Zombies- Don’t date to mess with this team, they are immortal zombies.
  • Butchers- The team having the deadliest players who can make pieces of their enemies in a matter of seconds.
  • Chargers- Keep the passion for gaming high.
  • Desert Storm- This desert storm is formed to destroy the camps of the enemies.
  • Divide and Conquer- Break your team yourself to conquer the game. A smart group of players who can play meaningful mind games.
  • Fire Starters- The team that is full of passionate gamers
  • Gunners- The team with smart shooters to hunt down the enemies who come forward.
  • High-Voltage- The team who plays like electricity.
  • Lethal- The team that wins slowly over the enemies.
  • Mud Dogs- Getting dirty is the way of winning the game. Don’t afraid to get dirty.
  • No Mercy- The team who doesn’t care for anyone. No mercy left for the enemies.
  • No Fear- The fearless team members who always ready to come forward and kill down the opponents to win the chicken dinner.
  • One-Shot Killers- One headshot and the enemy fall downs. The team with professional shooters.
  • Savages- The team that doesn’t care about the rules.
  • Speed Demons- Speed is nothing but the passion to play the game more effectively.
  • The Pitbulls- Everyone knows about Pitbulls, they are very aggressive. Right?
  • The Security- The team that plays smartly and keeps everything secure.
  • Administration- We run the game, we are the administrators.
  • Advocates- We are the advocates and we make you follow the rules.
  • Deal Makers- The team who seals the perfect deal.
  • Gravity- Gravity doesn’t affect the gameplay.
  • Influencers- We make people influence and do the job carefully.
  • Mad Men- We are not mad, we are creative minds.
  • Marketers- Come here we promote you.
  • The Judges- We will decide who will win the race here. Okay?

    1. Best Team Names for Pubg

You are leading a team or a part of a team that has to be powerful to defeat the enemies. It is essential for you to keep the powerful name of your PUBG Team in order to impress the masses. By having a powerful name, your teammates would also keep themselves engaging with the game and play the game more smartly. Here we have prepared a list of Powerful PUBG Team Names that you must explore now!

  • (GOC) Gangs of Chhattisgarh – You can put your city or State Name in the Place Of Chhattisgarh.
  • (LE) Low Expectations – कम उम्मीद
  • (VM) Violence Mafia – damage, or killing Everyone.
  • (TPM) The Pace Makers – control abnormal heart rhythms
  • (MOM) Masters of Mayhem – Very violent Team
  • (DD) Damage Dealers – A Team Who Took a lot Of Damages
  • (HO) Hashtags OP-  Overpowered Team

2. Badass PUBG Team Names

You have the right power to defeat the enemies and opponents. You don’t need to worry about the name of your character as soon as you are playing as a Solo, but in the team, you have to keep a badass name to impress the masses around. The following names are derived from the teams having a good background.

After comparing the names with other powerful and action games, we have put up a list with the Badass PUBG Team Names. Let’s get on to the list now!

  • (GOS) Game of Synergy –  If Your team has a solid relationship with each other then you can choose this name.
  • (DT) Dangerous Tetrad – Dangerous Group of Four.
  • (VA) Victorious Army – the team defied the odds and emerged victoriously
  • (INF) infuriated – Extremely angry and impatient
  • (TEAMant) Antagonize – Cause (someone) to become hostile “किसी शक्ति का प्रभाव कम कर देना”
  • (BA) Bad Aspirations – A Bad ambition of Conquering the lobby.

3. Funny PUBG Team Names

PUBG gives you a more fun time when you choose to play it with your familiar squad. Yes, we are talking about the real friends of yours with whom you can form a clan and start playing the game. When it comes to playing the game with your close buddies, you can keep the funny name of your team.

  • (HP) High Ping – a team Where everyone Tired With Their Ping Issue.
  • (LA) Lobby Aperture – Dhaga Khol Dene Wali Team.
  • (YF) Your Father – Team Who Knows Everything
  • (YD) Your Daddy – Team Who Knows Everything
  • (FBF) Fast But Furious – Team With Quick Rotation
  • (MA)  Mute Assassins – Silent Killers

Friends do love to spend fun times together and when you have a funny name for your team, you can make the environment around more user-friendly. Go ahead and explore the list of the Funny PUBG Team Names now!

4. Good PUBG Team Names

Some of the PUBG Players are caring and loving instead of showing off their attitude, they love to show off how adorable they are. If you too have a caring squad by yourself, then the Cute PUBG Team Names listed below are there for you. You can explore this list to pick a suitable name for your caring squad.

  • (FY) Fisheye –  A Team Who Spots Enemy Quickly
  • (FK) Four Kings- Deady 4 Members Of The Group
  • (TDC)  The Dangerous Crew – Very harmful team members for Enemies.
  • (SA) Silent Assassins – Silent killers
  • (LD) Liquid Demons – an evil spirit 

5. Cool PUBG Team Names

Some people used to have a cool name for their Gaming characters and they want to keep kind of the same name for the team. Yes, we are talking about PUBG’s team name. Some of the PUBG players are searching for a cool name for their Team. Here are some cool PUBG team names that you must check.

  • (OTL)  Out Laws – Who never Follow The Lows
  • (TT)  Table Topper – Who Always Top The Table Points.
  • (BP) Beer Pressure –  Who Can AHcndle Any Panic Situation.
  • (BC) Bone Crush – Who Killed Every One Who Came in Team Rotation.
  • (BA) Bloodbath Architects – Who Leave a Mark With Enemies Crate.
  • (SOK) Son of Killers – Father Of Every Player

6. Esports Team Names For Girl

  • (DG) Diamond Girls – Unique And Worthy Teams
  • (PPWC)  Pinky-Pinky What Color – Childish Team But Very Effective.
  • (FQ)  Four Queens – A Team With 4 Queens without King.
  • (W2) Wonder Woman – Super Heroines.
  • (IW) – Infamous Women – Not Very popular But Leaving The mark. 
  • (PM) Pink Mafia Girls Who Love Pink Colours
  • (FF) Feisty Females – Girls Who Hungry For Kill.
  • (DS) Dearest Sisters – Team members Who Are Trustworthy
  • (GO)Girls Only – Girls only Allowed Group

7. Creative Team Names

  • (O2) Offensive Odors – आक्रामक गंध
  • (Ap0) Apocalypse – destruction
  • (KK) Knockout Kings – Knock Openers.
  • (PP) Peak Performance – Every time 100% performance
  • (NLH) No Loop Holes – No chance of Any Mistakes
  • (TSM) Team Spammers – Team Who spams his names in the kill feed

These are the different categories that you should check and explore to keep the name as per you and your squad’s name. Explore each of the above-listed categories and the team names and pick the most suitable one now!

Before you finalize the name of your squad, here are some tips which you should consider. Let’s get on to the list of tips while searching for a new PUBG Team name.

  • The name of your PUBG Team should be catchy enough to attract the masses around.
  • You should not go for the offensive team names. It makes you and your team look arrogant.
  • The name of your team must inspire others. You should keep an inspiring name or we can say the name that conveys some good message.
  • Keep a name that enlightens the name of your opponent team. Keep the exactly opposite name of your opponent.
  • If possible, the name of your PUBG Squad should be simple.
  • Discuss the name with your squad. Make sure that each and everyone in your team is happy with the name that you have decided to keep for the squad.
  • Try to collect feedback on the name you have finalized for the squad

Final Words:

PUBG is a mind-blowing game that heals you from boredom and offers a stress-free life ahead. The game is compatible with Android and iOS devices which is one more reason to start playing it.

When it comes to choosing the name of the PUBG Team, you must understand a lot of things before. Follow the details listed in the above article, explore the lists of categories for PUBG Team Names, and pick the suitable name suggested by your teammates. If you have any more PUBG Team Name Ideas, you can share them with us.

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