PUBG Terms , Terms You Must Use While Playing PUBG

41 PUBG Terms Every Player Should Learn

Communicating Plays a big role in PUBG, but When You Used professional Gaming words, then the fun of playing the PUBG becomes even more compulsive and you Too enjoy it a lot.

  1. Hot Drops  – When you land in a place where You Have to fight with Any Squad. In Pubg Mobile There are Many Hot Drops Location Like Erangle You can Go Gergopool, NOVO, Military Base, and Pochinki For Hot drops. In Sanhok, Bootcamp and paradise resort is the location of the hot-drop, in Miramar, you can go Pecado and Vikendi You can Go Villa For Some Quick Fight.
  2. OP – This is the most Used Words by Pubg mobile streamers, Many people know the meaning of this, but if you do not know, then I should tell you that it means “Overpowered
  3. GG – This is Also a Common Words used By Gamers, it means “Good Game
  4. BG – Same Like GG, If You or your teammates perform badly you can use these words which means “Bad Game
  5. Cheese – You can use these words for strategical players, who used his IQ for the Game.
  6. AFK – If Some One offline, then you can use these terms to communicate with your teammates that he is “Away From Keyword
  7. DC – Same Goes For DC It means “Disconnected“.
  8. Gank – If You Killed By another player by surprise.
  9. HP – “Hitpoints“. it means the amount of damage you can take before it dies. You may hear (1 HP Hoga Pel De) It means 1 bullet is enough to kill him.
  10. Lag – It’s Basically Mens the time delay.
  11. Tank – A character who took most Number of the damages.
  12. PvP – Player versus player.
  13. Noob – A new or inexperienced players.
  14. Ping – The amount of time in milliseconds it takes for information to travel to the server and back.
  15. IGL – In-Game Leader.
  16. Jiggle – You may hear these words from TSMent JONATHAN Stream which means moving left and right during close fights.
  17. Aimbot –  This Is basically a cheat that can lock fire point onto a player before a shooting, Mostly with headshots.
  18. ExploitThis is also a cheat here you can Spots enemy on the map and you can also see through a wall.
  19. ESP – Extra Sensory Perception, You can spot your enemies with this hack.
  20. Bots  – Computer-controlled players
  21. CampersWhen a player who found a nice place on the map sits and waits to kill people. This Mostly happens in Bridges.
  22. Teleport – when you unintentionally Going Some Another place, again and again, this is actually a glitch.
  23. Assist – where the action is fast-paced and multiple people are bound to target one person at the same time.
  24. Barrel Stuffing –  happens in a close fight when you shooting your opponent at an easier distance, would be barrel stuffing.
  25. Gatekeeping – When Someone Waiting for you To come inside the zone.
  26. CP  – is a term used in mobile games meaning combat power—it’s used to inform you how strong your character is.
  27. Feeding –  This is mostly used for teammates who get killed frequently.
  28. Glitch – A glitch, also called as a bug, is a problem with a game, that makes the characters or the scenery make different from usual.
  29. Guard – Informing Your teammates If Some One Coming From Any Direction.
  30. Healer – healer’s job is to heal up other team members, especially the tank, and keep people from dying.
  31. KD – It’s actually KDR, which stands for “Kill Death Ratio”A KD is determined by dividing the number of kills a user has by the number of times the user has died. In an example, the equation for a person who has killed 50 enemies and died a total of 10 times would look like this:

    50 ÷ 10 = 5 KD
  32. Kick –  kick is an action taken against any player and forcibly causing them to leave the server or lobby.
  33. Mute – Mute is your best friend when you run into that annoying squeaker on pubg mobile.
  34. One-shot kill – A one-shot kill is literally what it means, you killed a man with one shot.
  35. Trickshot – a player will typically jump and while falling do a 360 and may or may not use a scope.
  36. Synergy It’s a symbol of the solid relationship between you and your teammates.
  37. Dodge – To (avoid the blow, for example) by moving or shifting quickly aside.
  38. Slamming – You May Heard From Commentators The word “Slamming” when You Knocked Out Any Enemy and you Forcefully Pushed to them with the car .
  39. ADSAim Down Sight which Means The action of looking through the sights of your Gun.
  40. RTS  – Real-Time Strategy

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