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Mehmet “RayZ” Akif Kastal is a Turkish player who plays for Klass Digital Athletics.



daRayZ Is a 24-year-old Turkish Pubg Mobile pro player, his performance in the PMGC league Final Is Good. That’s Why Many People Looking For His Social Existence, daRayZ Instagram Id, daRayZ Youtube channel name etc. 

da selim
Player Rating:
Mehmet "RayZ" Akif
Player Rating:
Berkin "Sylas" Cetin

Berkin "Sylas" Cetin

Player Rating:
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Digital athletics

daRayZ Achivements

  •  PUBGM Professional Gamer 
    •PMCO Turkey SS 2020 🥈
    •PMCO 2020 EMEA LEAGUE 🥈
    •PMGC LEAGUE 2020 🏅
    •PMGC FINALIST 2021🏅

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