RazorX Fortnite Pro Settings and Keybinds 2020

RazorX is a very professional and famous Fortnite player. He plays for the team BH. RazorX is seen playing competitive games with the next level of sensitivity settings and keybinds. In fact, he is best known for his amazing sensitivity and keybinds regarding Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay.

He is also a popular YouTuber and a Twitch streamer. He has 13.6k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel which he joined on 15th September 2016.

The audience loves to watch his gaming skills. On his Instagram account, he has 264k+ followers where he doesn’t reveal his face.

Fun Facts about RaxorX

  • He knows the translation of polish language and currently learning an improved and professional level of English language.
  • He uses a dictionary to translate.
  • He is a great YouTuber.

RazorX’s Short biography

Real name Mateusz
Country America
Date of birth 22 April 2004
Age 16 years
Place of Birth America
Occupation Student of IT
Net worth  $829,000
Relationship No
Clan BH
Religion Christian

RazorX on Different Social Networks and Video Platforms

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsHJMQTWZEQLQGrmDqojsiA

Instagram: not.razorx


Twitter: https://twitter.com/NotRazorX

RazorX Fortnite Video Settings and Keybinds.

If you want to play like RazorX you will have to know about his settings, his mouse settings, display settings, keyboard settings, etc. You will read about these settings in this article, so just carry on.

RazorX Video Settings

Video Settings Input
Motion blur On
Brightness 100%
Color-blind mode Protariope
Colour blind strength 3
Show FSP Off
HUD Scale 75%

RazorX Advanced Settings

Game Settings Input
Use advanced option ON
Look horizontal speed 90%
Look Vertical speed 81%
ADS Horizontal Speed 40%
ADS Vertical Speed 0.4
Build Mode Sensitivity 1.2×
Edit Mode Sensitivity 1.2×
Sensitivity Curve Linear
Aim Assist Strenght 100%
Spring by default OFF
Build immediately ON
Edit hold time 0.1

RazorX keybinds Controls

Controls Input
Stairs L2
Floor L1
Wall R2
Roof R1
Toggle Pickaxe
Trap picker /Plate/ Interact
Switch mode
Jump ×
Inventory Up on pad
Rotate Right on pad
Emote/replay Left on pad
Building Edit TouchPad
Sprint/Autorun L3
Crouch/ Repair/ Building reset R3

RazorX Combat settings

Hold to swap pickup OFF
Toggle Targeting OFF
Mark Danger When Targetting ON
Auto Pickup Weapons OFF
Auto Sort Consumables ON

RazorX Mouse Sensitivity

Sensitivity Input
X-Axis Sensitivity 1.0%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 1.1%
Targetting Sensitivity 1.0%
Scope Sensitivity 1.0%
Lock Input method as mouse OFF

 RazorX Volume Settings

Sound Volume
Music 5%
Sound Effects 100%
Dialogues 100%
Voice Chat 62%
Cinematics 100%

 RazorX Additional Settings

Action Input
HUD Scale 0.75
Colorblind Mode Protanope

Now you know about RazorX settings of 2020, let’s have a look on different devices he used to play with.

Gaming controller RazorX currently using

DualShock 4 Wireless PS 4

Gaming Consol RazorX currently using

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Monitor RazorX currently using

ASUS VG248QE monitor

Gaming Headset RazorX currently using

HyperX Cloud II

RazorX Control

He is a double claw controller.

Final words about RazorX

He is a great YouTuber and has outstanding skills in gaming but he also focuses on his studies. Right now he is a student of IT from Poland.

He loves playing PC games and his favorite game is TF2. He loves watching movies, reading books, listening to music ( his favorite music drum and bass).

Sometimes he takes a break from all these things by going out or doing science. He is a translator since 2011, where he usually translates Polish language and currently working on improving his English language also.

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