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Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List – Abilities Of Best Characters

Risk of rain 2 character tier list – Characters in video games are very important. Different characters have different abilities to tackle the world and that’s why it is essential for every gamer to pick the right gaming character. If you are a big fan of the Risk of Rain 2 game and want to know about the Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List, then you are at the right place. Here, we have enlisted all the popular and powerful characters of the game. Let’s get on to the list now!

Risk of Rain 2 is quite a unique game which is why it is getting more and more popular. The game features numerous characters and based on their effectiveness, they are categorized differently in the Tier List. You should get the Risk of rain 2 characters to play the game more effectively.

It is very crucial for pro-gamers to list down the Risk of rain character tier list as per the gameplay. Most pro-gamers have found that the Monsoon difficulty in the game is the toughest challenge and it requires a special character to survive this challenge.

No matter whether you play solo or with the game’s multiplayer mode, all characters have their own value and you must respect them. The characters have different abilities to survive. The beginner gamers might not aware of the characters of the game and their power. To give them the brief information, here we have prepared the list of the Best risk of rain 2 tier list. Go through the below-given list to gain more information about them.

Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List

In the Risk of Rain 2 game, there are three types of Character Tiers present- A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier. All these categories of the characters are different from each other. All of these characters in the A, B, and C Tiers carry unique power and ability. Let’s get on to the details about each character now.

Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List

  1. Mercenary- A Tier

The Mercenary is nothing but the returning character in the game. The Mercenary is a skillful character. Being an A-Tier character, it has got several impressive abilities to survive the game and to help the gamers play it effectively.

The Mercenary is a Melee Survivor that uses plenty of dodges in the game to combat and help the main character conquer the game. Let’s check out the risk of rain 2 best character gaming abilities now!


  • The character can jump twice with a single click.
  • Front damage could be 130% and the third strike could damage the area of 300%.
  • Can strike horizontally to damage double the area.
  • Can slice uppercut to damage up to 400% area.
  • Dash forward for hitting up the enemies.
  • The player can fire wind of blades to damage up to 8x area.
  1. Mul-T A Tier

Mul-T can be unlocked by simply completing the given task in the game. This is yet another powerful character that brings a dozen of new abilities for you to explore as the Mul-T character.

If we talk about the skills of this character, it’s a multi-functional character that doesn’t carry a particular skill. Let’s check out the special skills of this character now.


  • Auto nailgun can fire nails for 60% damage. When you initially press the nailgun, it would start firing 6 nails at a time.
  • The rebar puncher fire piercing rebar for the ultimate 600% damage.
  • Scrap launcher can fire an arcing hunk to explode in the area to create 360% damage.
  • The power saw damages out the nearby enemies up to 1000%.
  • Blast Canister launches a powerful stun character for 220% damage.
  • The ultimate Transport Mode helps your character to move around and transport things at a faster speed. It deals with up to 250% damage.
  • Retool converts your special skills to basic skills. It lets you explore the basic skills again while playing the game.
  1. Rex- B Tier

Rex is a relatively new character in the game which has gained massive popularity among the best risk of rain 2 characters. This special character is a multi-functional one that creates extreme damages to the enemies with its dual, robot, and plant skills to damage from a distance.


  • Spreads out natural toxins to weaken the enemies. The same will reduce the speed of armors and damage to the enemies.
  • Directive Inject fires three syringes to create damage of 3*80%.
  • Seed Barrage launches a new mortar into the sky to create 450% damage.
  • Directive Drill launches plenty of seed bullets into the sky for 450% damage in a second.
  • Tangling Growth fires a unique flower to create 200% damage. It costs you 25% of your overall health to launch a single Tangling Growth.
  1. Artificer C-Tier

Artificer is yet another popular choice of characters in which you can choose to play the risk of rain 2 characters tier is playable by anyone. It’s a C-Tier character in the game that boasts some unique power. The Artificer character can be done by completing the challenge named Pause.


  • Fame bolt fire a bolt to ignite the enemies for creating damages up to 220%.
  • A plasma bolt is an explosive bolt that can be thrown out to the area of enemies. It can create up to 250% damage to a small area.
  • The Charged nano bomb is there to stuns the enemies and to create damage of up to 400% to 1200%.
  • Cast nano-spear is used to charge the piercing nano-spear. It can damage up to 400- 1200% of the area.
  • Snap freeze is there as a utility weapon that creates a barrier to freezes down the enemies. It creates 100% damage to the area of the enemies.
  • Flamethrower burns up the area of the enemies to create the damage of 1700% in the game.
  1. Commando C-Tier

Commando is also a playable character in the Risk of Rain 2 game. It’s a recurring character of the first edition I.e. risk of rain 2 best character. Players can easily unlock this character at the beginning of the game with no special challenge or task. The best risk of rain character has limited skills but is worthy enough to make the gameplay more excited for you.


  • Double-tap helps you to shoot twice by simply double-tapping on the screen to create damage of 2*90%.
  • Phase Round is a unique ability where the character shoots a piercing bullet to hit the enemies and to create up to 230% damage.
  • Phase Blast is there to fire close-range blasts that deal 8*200% damage.
  • Tactical Dive is a unique ability of this character to roll a short distance.
  • Suppressive fire is there to let you fire rapidly. It creates 100% damage per shot. You can fire in more numbers as per the attack speed.
  • Frag Grenade creates damage of 175%. This grenade creates more damage to the center point.


Risk of Rain 2 is an exciting third-person shooting game with different abilities to hunt down the enemies and their territories. The game is full of exciting stuff as each of the gaming characters has a set of special abilities and power. Explore the above-listed Risk of Rain Character Tier List, know how you can unlock or select them from the list and start playing with the chosen one!

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