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Soul Mortal Sensitivity Setting, Pubg Id, Wiki, Device & Biography

Hello Soul Mortal Fans, I Know You Guyz Are Looking For Information Related To Soul Mortal Like What Is His Real name, Soul Mortal Control Setting, Soul Mortal Sensitivity Setting, Soul Mortal Graphic Setting, Soul Mortal Character Id, Soul Mortal Control Setting & Soul Mortal Device Name, Soul Mortal Religion And Many More.

Soul Mortal Is One Of The Most Popular Pubg Mobile Streamer In India, In the Starting days of Youtube He used to upload Mini Militia gameplays on his channel. after Pubg Mobile Launch He started Playing War Mode Only And also he Shared Some Tips And Tricks Video On his Youtube Channel.

One Day On Of His Video Went Viral And Peoples Are Started Subscribing Soul Mortal Then Soul Mortal Grab This Opportunity From Both Hands And Started Streaming Regularly Where he Only Jump On Hot Drop Like Georgopool, Pochinki, And Novo.

This Last 1 second changed mortal’s entire life. Check out The Viral Video….

In Early Face Of His Streaming, He Used To play pubg mobile On Ipad But Soon He Realised If he Wants To Compete In Big Tournament Like PMCO and PMIT Then Must have to play on Mobile so he started Practicing On Mobile And Now he is using iPhone XR.

Soul Mortal Short Biography

Real NameNaman Mathur
Soul Mortal ID590211476
PUBG NameSouLmorTal
Kd Ratio4.55
Clan NameSoul
Controls4 Claw
Device NameiPhone XR
Email[email protected]

Soul Mortal Biography

So Here I Am Going To Provide You Soul Mortal Real name, Character Id, Religion, Device name, controls, Age, And Contact Information.

as You Know He The Founder Of Well Known Indian PUBG Mobile Clan SOUL, Where Every Famous Player Joining International Clan To Earn Some Extra Bucks but Here We have Clans like Soul and 8Bit who is Compete with International clans. Soul Mortal’s task is very important because He Is the Decision Filter In The Game. He Filter Rotation Call Etc.

Soul Mortal Real Name

Soul Mortal Real name Is Naman Mathur, he Is From Mumbai, India, He is the Professional PUBG Mobile Player for Soul. Naman is a founder of the Soul clan and his In-game Name Is SouLmorTal.

Soul Mortal Character Id (pubg ID)


Soul Mortal Pubg profile

soul mortal pubg profile

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Soul Mortal Religion


Soul Mortal Device Name 

iPhone XR

Soul Mortal Controls

4 Claw Player

Soul Mortal Age


Soul Mortal Contacts Information

Email Id –[email protected]

Soul MorTal Youtube Channel

mortal youtube channel link

Soul Mortal Popularity Rating In PUBGM


SouL MortaL Girlfriend

People Are Spreading Rumors That Rav3n Is Mortal’s Girlfriend But Recently mortal Clear This is an interview That They Are Just A Good Friend And People must Stop Spreading Fake Rumors.

Who Are Mortal’s Crew Mates and Competitive Teammates

Naman Sandeep MathurSoulmorTalAssaulter/Filter
Parv SinghSoulRaGaLTosIGL
Druv SangwanSouLSangwaNAssaulter
Yash Paresh SoniSouLVipeRAssaulter/Support
Aman JainSouLAmAnMiddle man

Soul Mortal Soul Media

Instagram – ig_mortal

As Of Now 1.7 People Following Naman Mathur.

Soul Mortal K/d Ratio Season Wise

SeasonK/d Ratio
Season 13
Season 127.82
Season 114.74
Season 105.37
Season 96.19
Season 88.65
Season 77.55
Season 68.22
Season 58.66
Season 411.39
Season 314.44 (Conqueror)
Season 25.17
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Soul MorTal Sensitivity Setting

1st Person Camera – 100

Camera – 100

3rd Person Camera – 70


3rd Person No scope1001st Person No scope88
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope30
3× Scope224× Scope14
6× Scope12 8× Scope10

Soul Mortal ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope1001st Person No Scope88
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope30
3× Scope224× Scope20
6× Scope208× Scope10

Soul Mortal Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope2001st Person No Scope200
Red Dot, Holographic3002× Scope175
3× Scope1854× Scope145
6× Scope508× Scope40


Soul Mortal Basic Setting

Aim Assist – Enable

Block Sight Warning – Disable

Bolt Action Rifle and Crossbow Firing mode – Tap

Shotgun Firing Mode – Tap

Peek And Fire – Enable

Peek and Open scope – Disable

Lean Mod Tap

Scope mode -Tap

Display Left Side Fire Button – Always On

Gyroscope – Always On

Auto-Open Doors – Enable

Healing Prompt – Disable

Play Emote – Enable

Jump/Climb – Combine

Damage Effect – Green

1st Person Perspective Camera view – 103

Soul Mortal Graphic Setting



Frame Rate 




Anti Aliasing – Enable

Brightness – 150%

Non-Standard Screens – Notched

Soul Mortal Pick Up Setting

Auto Pickup – Enable

Stop Auto Pickup When List is collapsed – Enable

Auto pickup Level 3 Bag Pickups  –  Enable

Auto Pickup Pistols – Disable

BTR Zuxxy Granade Pickup Setting

Frag Granade – 5

Smoke Grande – 7

Molotov cocktail – 1

Stun Grande – 0

Soul Mortal Achievements

  • Mortal and His Team Won The PMIS 2019 (cash prize of Rs. 30,00,000)
  • He And His Team Won PMCO India Regionals 2019 (cash Prize Of $60000)
  • PIMCO 2019 – 12th Rank
  •  PUBG Mobile Fall Split India – 2nd Rank (prize money of $30,000)

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