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Subnautica Aurora Door Codes List 2021

Subnautica aurora codes – Everyone loves to play open-world survival games as they are full of action and adventurous gameplay. Subnautica is one such game that has gained massive popularity across the world with its exciting gameplay. Subnautica Aurora Door Codes will help you to keep going with the gameplay and make your character more powerful.


A lot of players of this game have been asking about the notification that they frequently receive while playing the game. They receive a notification about the status of the Aurora. Aurora is a spacecraft that you are controlling in the game. The spacecraft is floating on the ocean planet.

In the Subnautica game, players can enter into this spacecraft once they fulfill their condition. You are thrown into the ocean and there is only one way to survive in the game, to enter into the aurora. The aurora contains a lot of useful equipment that helps you playing the game better.

To open up the ship, Aurora Exploding needs to occur and that’s the only way to enter into the ship. You should not miss this explosion as it is very important for the survival of your character.

Subnautica is a very popular ocean-based game in which a user needs to find the resources on the alien planet by exploring the ocean. The game was launched in 2014 and got too much popularity at that time.

The main place where the users need to explore the Ocean is Subnautica aurora codes, where the users need to find the aurora door codes and they will get Aurora on the east side of the map. Users will get to their position by moving to the surface area.

Many people who are unknown about this game will ask, What is Aurora? Aurora is a ship where users will get the resources after it gets exploded. And after that, users need to enter the ship.

There are two ways to get enter the ship, first is near the shore, which is close to the crash site. It will take you to the Aurora Laboratory and if you want through another way then you can go with the front side of the ship, which will take you to the corridor and you will get direct entry to the Aurora.

After finding all the information, now you need a Radiation suit, which will help you to explore the ship and you also have to bring some more things with you, which will help you in your mission.

Essential Tools Required

After collecting all these tools, you will be ready to get into the main arena. As you explore the ship, you will notice a number of doors that are locked. You won’t be able to get into the ship as the doors are locked and you have to use the suitable Subnautica Aurora Door Codes to enter into the ship.

  1. Repair Tool: It is necessary to bring the repair tool with you so that you can repair the broken doors and the drive room om Aurora in Sub
  2. Laser Cutter: Laser Cutter will help the users to enter into different rooms either it is a bay or terminal.
  3. Knife: A survival knife is necessary to carry so that if anyone attacks you then you should have a proper item to survive from it.
  4. Propulsion Canon: This tool will help you to remove the barriers that are stopping you to go inside, especially the Laboratory Entrance.
  5. Weapon: A weapon is necessary to carry with you so that you can clear the obstacles in the Aurora.

So these are the things that you have to bring with you while going inside the ship. These tools will help you a lot in succeeding mission. While going inside the ship, you will get many locked doors, which are necessary to open. But who wants to wait and that’s why today we are providing you cargo bay 3 code or Aurora Codes that will help you to open those doors. Here are the aurora codes Subnautica that you can enter to unlock the doors.

Subnautica Aurora Door Codes

Without the door codes, you can’t open these doors. You can get these codes as you progress the story and completing the given stages. You can also buy the codes from the in-game purchase section. The game’s in-game section lets you purchase the essential items.

If you don’t want to spend your money, then you can go with the hacks or cheat codes. The following list contains all the working Subnautica door codes. The following codes work well for many Subnautica Aurora doors. You can try your luck to unlock the aurora doors.

  • Cabin No. 1: 1869
  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Lab Access: 6483
  • Robotics Bay

How to Unlock Aurora Doors?

As you explore the ship, you will notice the locked doors of Aurora. Since you do not have the required item to unlock the door, you won’t be able to get entered. To unlock the Aurora doors quickly, just go to the locked door and select the panel where you can enter the code manually.

Pick any of the above-listed code and enter the code manually into the panel. You need to try out all of these codes one by one until the door is open.

The Subnautica Door Codes keep updated regularly. We would update this post as the new Subnautic door codes hit the web platform. Keep on visiting this page for getting the updated list of the Subnautica Aurora Codes.

Subnautica is a unique game where you will be able to explore the marine planet of the earth. You will develop many skills as you progress through the game. You will become a master of the game by developing the skills and collecting all the necessary items by completing the given stages and tasks.


So these are the Subnautica door codes that you need to enter for unlocking the door. It is necessary to know about the Subnautica codes if you want to get some resources on the Subnautica cargo bay code. This is all about the game, for any queries, you can ask us in the comment section, we will try to revert to you as soon as possible.

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