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The craze of gaming is increasing day by day and every app development company is busy in launching a new game that can attract users.

Just like Suponic is a popular Esports gaming company, which allows the users to play games with their skills and earn a good amount of money. Users just need a phone in their hands and just have to sign up to show their skills.

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This game is based on Cryptocurrency in which a user can be a millionaire by just playing the games with their opponents. Users have to play wagering mode with other players. Here Wagering is not just like gambling, here users can earn a good amount by beating the other players with some tricks and skills. The winning wagering amount can be changed anytime.

The game is quite different and playing a role of a gamechanger in the Crypto industry. It comes with Blockchaintechnology, which means that a user can also sell or buy the assets of the game. They can also trade that amount outside the game.

This is an innovation by the company and a great initiative for all other gaming companies that now the points can be converted into cryptocurrency.

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If we talk about the games then there are more than 300 games on this platform and there are already 1.4 billion peoples have joined this platform and are playing the game regularly. It is a great achievement for a company to achieve such a milestone.

This is a perfect platform for gamers and crypto lovers, as there is a lot of entertainment on this platform and a lot of fun powered by Blockchain technology. This is a hub where people from all over the world can come and show their talent. This gaming platform is not just for entertainment purposes but also a perfect source for earning cryptocurrency.

The platform has champion coins, which will help to play games with that coins. These coins will help to enter the tournament. Those countries that support cryptocurrency will be able to participate in the tournaments.

The users who got champion coins or earned from the game can trade those coins in exchange for crypto. The main benefit of this game is that the points can easily convert into cryptocurrency and that crypto currency can be easily traded in public.

Now if we talk about its worth then at present, Suponichas a worth of more than $10 trillion and it is increasing rapidly.

Users will take a lot of interest in playing the game because they have to earn champion coins and from that, they can buy assets and can reach to a higher level.


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So this is all about Suponic Gaming, it is a perfect game for the gamers who are interested in challenging other peoples and want to earn good amount by playing the game and challenging. The innovative crypto feature ofthe game is quite amazing, which should be adopted by other gaming companies.

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