Tacaz Sensitivity Settings, Pubg id, Claw set up and Biography

Tacaz Sensitivity Settings, Pubg id, Claw set up and Biography

Tacaz is a very famous player PUBG. He is about 21 years old and belongs to Vietnam. He plays PUBG like a pro and posts his videos on YouTube which attains huge attention of the audience. He was born in Vietnam. His real name is still unknown to the world.

tacaz image

His PUBG name is Tacaz and everyone knows him with this name. He doesn’t belong to any Clan or Crew. He plays PUBG mobile with the device iPhone 8 plus

Tacaz’s Short Biography

Real name No Information
Country Vietnam
Age 21 years
Pubg Name Tacaz
Pubg Id 5545342200
Crew name xavier
Clan name TEAMalfa
Controls 4 fingers claw + gyro
Email No information
Device iPhone 8 plus
Instagram tacazgamer
Religion No information
Birthplace Vietnam
Facebook Tuong.Tacaz

Tacaz’s biography

Tacaz is a very popular PUBG player who uploads his PUBG videos on YouTube and gains a huge number of views. He is better at controls of 4 fingers Claw + Gyro. He is known for his best playing skill with the device iPhone 8 plus He belongs to Vietnam which is also his birthplace.

Tacaz’s real Name

His real name is unknown to the world because he has not revealed his real name to the world. Everyone knows him with the Tacaz name which is the name of his PUBG, YouTube channel, and Instagram Id. His fans don’t know his real name but they give him a lot of attention.

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Tacaz’s character Id


tacaz pubg profile

Tacaz’s religion

Not known

Tacaz PUBG Mobile Popularity


Tacaz’s device

He uses the device iPhone 8 plus to play PUBG mobile.

Tacaz’s control

He is better at 4 fingers claw + gyro.

Tacaz’s age

He is about 21 years old.

Tacaz’s contact information

Email- no information

Tacaz’s Youtube

His YouTube channel is Tacaz. He created it on 27 February 2019 but he gained a huge amount of subscribers in a very little time. He is better known for his YouTube channel. Each and every video of him gain a lot of views and attention of the audience. He has 3.04 million+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is one of the best You tuber.

Tacaz’s Total Earnings

He doesn’t reveals about his total earning but as best PUBG player and a great YouTuber, he would have earned in millions.

Tacaz’s Social media

Tacaz’s Facebook Id

His facebook id is Tuong. Tacaz and his fans made a Facebook fan page for him which is Tacaz

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Tacaz’s Instagram Id

His Instagram id is tacazgaming. He has 4,418 followers on Instagram. He doesn’t post so much on his Instagram Id

Tacaz Season Wise Kill Ratio (k/d)

Tacaz’s Sensitivity Settings

3rd Person Camera – 172

Camera – 100

1st Person Camera – 120

3rd Person

 No scope

120 1st Person No scope 100
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 50 2× Scope 30
3× Scope 22 4× Scope 14
6× Scope 12  8× Scope 10

Tacaz’s ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope 100 1st Person No Scope 104
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 50 2× Scope 30
3× Scope 27 4× Scope 22
6× Scope 20 8× Scope 10

Tacaz’s Gyroscope Settings

3rd Person No Scope 250 1st Person No Scope 300
Red Dot, Holographic 300 2× Scope 250
3× Scope 250 4× Scope 200
6× Scope 65 8× Scope 55

Tacaz Claw setup

tacaz claw setup

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