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Xyaa Real name, Age, Face reveal, Boyfriend and Biography

If you are a professional gamer and want to earn a living out of your passion i.e. gaming, then you need to get inspired by others first. This is the key to lead a successful life. If you don’t inspire others, you will not get what you want from your life. Today, we are going to talk about the famous YouTube named Xyaa. She’s beautiful, smart and one of the most successful gamers in the industry.

The real name of Xyaa is Shagufta Iqbal. She is one of the best girl streamers in India. She is a full-time software engineer by profession and a part-time variety streamer on Twitch.

She has started gaming since childhood at the age of 12. She uses the name ‘Xyaa’ and has played a wide variety of games growing up. She has played some of the games including Claw, Prince of Persia, and Age of Empires. Xyaa has started to play online multiplayer games with Counter-Strike 1.6.

She uses to bunk colleges for playing Dota 2 games and she believes that this game has changed her life. She is an introverted girl in her real-life but when she started gaming, she becomes more aggressive and her voice becomes louder. In fact, she turns into a person while gaming as she told in an interview. According to her, gaming is no more her hobby but it has become her passion

She wants to overcome her shy personality and to do so, she has recently started streaming on Twitch and also wants to meet more people and get involved in the gaming community.

Nowadays most of the time she is seen playing Call of Duty Warzone and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG Pc).

Shagufta Was an Experienced Senior Software Engineer at Capgemini, Pune until 2018, after quitting her job she decided to pursue her gaming Career full time.

Xyaa Is Brand Ammabasdor of Loco Gaming Platform, Logitech, and Intel gaming India, she also collaborates with Hp India, MSI Gaming.

 Xyaa’s Short Biography


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Real name Shagufta Iqbal
Nickname Xyaa
Country India
Place of birth India
Age 24 years
Pubg Name Xyaa
Pubg Id number 45739267
Clan name Not in a clan
Email  [email protected]
Device PC
Instagram Id Xyaalive

Xyaa’s biography

Xyaa is an Indian girl streamer whose full name is Shagufta Iqbal. She is a 24 gears old girl whose passion is gaming. She is a shy girl in her real life and an engineer by profession. She has a dog as her pet.

Xyaa’s real Name

  • Shagufta Iqbal

Xyaa’s character Id

  • 45739267

Xyaa’s religion

  • Muslim

Xyaa’s device

  • She uses Pc for streaming and playing PUBG.

Xyaa’s age

  • 25 years (as in 2021)

Xyaa’s  Height

  • 5.4

Xyaa’s  Weight

  • 55Kg

Xyaa Size

  • 32-28-34


  • 25 years (as in 2021)

Xyaa’s contact information

Xyaa’s Instagram

  • Her Instagram Id is Xyaalive. She has 110k+followers on her Instagram Id

Xyaa’s Youtube channel

  • Her YouTube channel is Xyaa which she joined on 6 Oct 2012. She has 253k+ subscribers on her channel.

Xyaa’s Face Reveal

  • Xyaa is a fair skin toned attractive girl with big eyes and a wide smile with short hair. Her height is about 5’6″. She is an introverted girl.

xyaa face reveal


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Xyaa Boyfriend

Xyaa Boyfriend Name is “Anand Jadhao” She is Currently Living In Bengaluru with Him in Anand’s Apartment.


Xyaa Net Worth

Major Source d Income From Youtube Revenue System and From Collaboration With Differnt Brand integrations, she also Used to Generates small revenue from her merchandise store xyaastore.in but recently she closed the store

Xyaa Net Worth – 5040000/- INR


Xyaa’s PC Specifications: March 2021

Total Xyaa Gaming pc Build Worth – 234540/- Inr

Xyaa Pubg Pc Settings

Xyaa PUBG PC Display Settings

Display mode Borderless
Max FPP 300
Brightness 100

 Xyaa PUBG PC Advanced Settings

Dynamic Resolution Disable
Render Scale 120
FPP Camera FOV 103
Overall Graphics Quality Custom
Anti-Aliasing Ultra
Post-Processing Very low
Shadows Very low
Textures Ultra
Effects Very low
Foliage Very low
View distance Very low
Lighting Enable
V-sync Disable

Xyaa PUBG PC Sound

Master Enable
Master Volume 82
Music Disable
Voice Chat Volume 19
Voice Chat on Team only
Voice Input Sensitivity 45

Xyaa PUBG PC Mouse Settings

Invert mouse Disable
General sensitivity 40
Vertical Sensitivity multiplier 1
Walk Hold
Sprint Hold

Everything You Need to Know About Xyaa

That’s all you might want to know about the popular YouTube star, Xyaa. Hope you get all the details about the Xyaa Real Name, Xyaa Age, Xyaa YouTube Channel, etc in the above post. We have made this article easy-to-follow for everyone.

Explore the given details, watch inspiring and useful videos published by Xyaa on her YouTube channel to learn the gaming skills. She works in a variety of niches and posts videos of different games including the popular PUBG game.


Age is just a number if you have the passion and guts to do something on your own. There are hundreds of such kids who have established their own emperors at a small age. If you love to play games, then you should also think about creating your own future out of it.

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There are many platforms available on which you can start uploading your video tutorials, gaming skills and share knowledge for beginner gamers. The opportunities here are endless and you have to build your own future by following your passion for playing games.

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